Layla Mackenzie is the teacher of Ash and Sakura, the total crush of Tori and the wife of Mr. Terada appearing in Cardcaptors. She has brown hair, brown eyes and wears green earrings. Her main outfit is composed of: a purple long sleeved shirt, purple skirt, tan pantyhose and black high heels. She is voiced by Linda Rae. At her age, she is 35 years old.


  • Mr. Terada (Husband)
  • Jessie Tachibana (Daughter)
  • Tori Avalon (Total Crush)


  1. Being nice to Mr. Terada
  2. Going for pro
  3. Leaning for her skills


  1. The way Ash surprises someone
  2. Chief Sandra Pulse
  3. Weathering her bad atmospheres

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