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LazyTown/A Bug's Life is a parody with LazyTown clips and A Bug's Life sounds


  • Sportacus: Flik
  • Stephanie: Princess Atta
  • Daisy From (TTTE): The Queen
  • Pixel: Thorny
  • Gazpacho From (Chowder): Cornelius
  • Tramp From (Lady & The Tramp): Mr. Soil
  • Trixie: Dr. Flora
  • Robbie Robbin: Hopper
  • Chaca From (The Emperor's New Groove): Dot
  • Iago From (Aladdin): Francis
  • Ziggy: Heimlich
  • Daisy Duck From (Mickey Mouse): Rosie
  • McSquizzy From (Open Season): Slim
  • Eeyore From (Winnie the Pooh): Dim
  • Jock and Trusty From (Lady & The Tramp): Tuck and Roll
  • Mr. Bump From (The Mr. Men Show): Manny
  • Marge From (The Simpsons): Gypsy
  • Mayor Milford Meanswell: PT
  • Cookie Monster From (Sesame Street): Molt
  • Shere Khan From (The Jungle Book): Thumper

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