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This Scratchpad wiki was created by the regulars of, as a place to maintain FAQ information on various LDAP-related topics. In keeping with the philosophies of FreeNode and Wikia (and the common topics on #ldap), the focus is on Free Software implementations of servers and clients.

General LDAP topics

See Wikipedia's LDAP page for some general information on LDAP if you haven't yet.

LDAP Documentation

  • [1] Book mostly covering OpenLDAP on Linux, but includes 3 chapters and a few appendices on generic LDAP.
  • [2] OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide
  • [3] LDAP Implementation HOWTO - Beware it is very old, many statements are out-of-date, but basic docs on pam_ldap and nss_ldap seem ok on first inspection.
  • [4] Presentations on OpenLDAP by Adam Tauno Willams.

LDAP Servers

Open Source Servers

  • OpenLDAP Written in C. Developed continuously since 1998.
  • 389 Written in C. Formerly known as Netscape.
  • OpenDS Written in Java, open source project, positioned as the successor to Sun Java System Directory Enterprise Edition.
  • OpenDJ Written in Java, OpenDJ is a fork of OpenDS, actively developped under CDDL and supported by ForgeRock.
  • Apache Directory Server (aka ApacheDS) Written in Java.

Closed Source Servers

Included for completeness, but outside the scope of this page.

Graphical LDAP Tools

Graphical LDAP Tools (Web)

LDAP-based Unix/Linux Authentication Clients

Note that PADL no longer sells support for these packages;
they will refer you to instead.


See the LDAPTroubleshooting page.

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