{{{ [quote=psichron;2969745]Seller beware.[/quote]

Depends on what the NPA will do about it. [quote=psichron;2969745]Seller beware.[/quote]

Depends on what the NPA will do about it.

"...Liability arises irrespective of whether the harm resulted from any negligence on the part of the producer, importer, distributor or retailer as the case may be - in other words, strict liability has been introduced," he said. The CPA would expose businesses engaging in prohibited conduct and it provided for fines of up to a million rand or 10% of turnover, he said. The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 was signed into law by President Kgalema Motlanthe on April 29, 2009. ...."

The whatever protection bill can't overrule the Constitution: [i]n terms of section 20 of the National Prosecuting Authority Act, No 32 of 1998, the power to institute and conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the State (and to discontinue criminal proceedings) vests in the national prosecuting authority. In practice, decisions in most courts on a day-to-day basis are taken by prosecutors with delegated authority from the National Director. In more important or difficult matters, the decision is taken by the various provincial directors or the investigating directors in consultation with the relevant provincial director and subject to the control and directions of the National Director. In some cases, the National Director himself will be involved in the decision-making process and he may even make the decision himself. [/i]

As usual we have declaration of fines, improsnment, and the death sentence as the ANC is trying to nationalize by stealth and pull some sort of scam again. The same with the FCA etc. , the ANC and SAPS and all and sundry making noises of impending doom. Naspers for some reason and the legal profession never point out that all these nonsense laws by the ANC trying to use it as a ruse to steal property or foist stealth taxes on the public must first get their case past this law: [b]section 20 of the National Prosecuting Authority Act, No 32 of 1998 [/b]

The lies and deceit of these slanted press releases concerning legislation is cowering the public into submission before the ANC stooges based on the threat of fines and improsonment because of the vast mind control , the vast scam from the lawyers who don't want the public to know that John Welch and his other fearless deputies will in eternity not dream of prosecuting anybody on the basis of such a draconian law as the Consumer protection Act, because it would establish a precedent which the ANC would then use to achieve its hidden agendas.

Such a hidden agenda is for example the FCA who's intent is to disarm the farmers so that their property becomes worthless. I am pleading with the news media that when publishing the latest blood chilling scam law by the ANC to always tack on the end the following: [b] The NPA thinks this law is rubbish and won't prosecute anybody , relax, make love to your wife tonight and get on with your life in terms of National Prosecuting Authority Act, No 32 of 1998 [/b]

The ANC being the legislator can legislate Consumer protection bills all they want. But the ANC also want to introduce consumer tribunals which is an attempt at taking over the role of the NPA , prosecuting the public. The Constitution separates the Legislative from the NPA and courts, the ANC wants to write laws, prosecute and convict you by taking over the courts and appointing their own judges to hear cases.

These types of press releases by Naspers are deceitful and only result in terrorizing the public, it places pressure on the NPA because it is basically a thinly vailed threat to the NPA.

The only press release I am interested in would be a statement from the NPA as to what they are going to do about it. When the NPA says nothing is the best news because they can't pipe up with every double agenda law the ANC concocts saying it is rubbish like with the FCA act. You will note they still haven't said anything about people relicensing their firearms.

If you want to know whether you as a business owner should panic over the CPB then phone the [url][/url] - their opinion is the only one that matters, not the ANC would obviously want to both legislate and prosecute as in banana republics.

This is a deceitful statement: [i] The act only becomes operational, however, on October 29, 2010. [/i]

In the mind of somebody who doesn't know about National Prosecuting Authority Act, No 32 of 1998 he thinks that an ANC SAPS stooge will jump out from behind a bush on 30 Oct.2010 and arrest him to be prosecuted. This erroneous view is what the Legal profession want , because they can then make money of terrified business owners who must pay the lawyers thinking that because legislation becomes [b]ENACTED[/b] it automatically means a prosecution will follow. The ANC loves to give orders as they certainly can being the government, but in terms of the constitution they can't order the NPA to do anything. }}}

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