Hyper. Random. Nintendo Fanboy, Internet freak, and a member of GAJ since, well, if not Day 1, then Day 2.

How He Found GAJ

Leaf found the GAJ, literally, by accident. When going to GameFAQS on July 23, 2005, he meant to click on the GameCube section so as to find a guide for Tales of Symphonia. Being momentarily distracted by a Monster Energy Drink, he clicked on "PC" instead. When he looked, he found that The Sims 2 was the #1 board on the PC Boards. Confused, and slightly impaired by the Monster, he went to check it out, and found out about the "controversy" over The Sims 2. Angry, pissed, and still hyper, he found Solid_Snake's links to Jack Attack, where he listened and didn't speak, until he found the new GAJ FFW board. He joined, and became one of the more commonly posting members.


  • Leaf: The most commonly used nickname, Leaf is a simple way of saying "OMG Pay Attention Leaf!"
  • Leafypoo: Given by AdmiralFutch. Originally, Leaf hated the name, but has taken it as a moniker among his friends offline, as well as on the Net.
  • Leafy: Shortened version of Leafypoo.
  • Kyle: Leaf's "IRL" name.
  • SaintShade/SS/Saint:'re not cleared for this name! Leafypoo's new forum name.


  • He likes any kind of energy drink, no matter what. As long as it fuels him.
  • He frequently pulls all-nighters on the Internet and subsequently has adopted a nocturnal lifestyle.
  • He enjoys freaking people out at the school he attends (full of mostly rich bastards) by dressing in all black, writing poetry, songwriting, and romanitcizing death, love, and guns.
  • Likes many bands, and has been a member of 2 to date.
  • Is the only GAJer who frequents local Starbucks coffeehouses to mess with the "baristas".
  • Writes, creates video games, and sings.
  • Is seeking medical treatment for paranoia.

What other members think of Leaf4536

  • Ahh Mr Leafypoo. What to say about him. Oh yes. WHERES THE MOTHERFUCKING GAME!?!?!?!? Matt44au

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