The League of Planets is a leading power in the universe of Void of Earth's Solar System, has a democratically elected government, and is a political and military rival of the United Earth Regime and the Outworld Alliance. The League is governed by democratically elected General Assembly with 1000 members with legislative powers, a League President elected by a majority or a plurality (depending on the number of presidential candidates) of Assembly votes, a cabinet composed of ministers appointed by the President but removable by three-fifths vote of the Assembly, and a court system whose judges are appointed by the Assembly. The General Assembly, League President, and judges all serve six-year terms of office. Some Assembly members are independents, but most belong to a political party. The leading parties include the Federalist Party, which promotes a pro-business, pro-law-and-order, nationalistic, anti-United Earth Regime, and anti-Outworlds Alliance stance. The Labor Party is supported by labor unions, economic populists, and supporters of a welfare state. The Martian Party represents the local interests of the people of the planet Mars. The Lunar Party represents the local interests of communities living on Luna (Earth's moon). The Party of the Inner Planets represents people living on Mercury and Venus.

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