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What is Greenup, Kentucky? It's an Appalachian boom town with a new steel mill and a Saturn auto plant, and an ancient history tucked in to its mountain hollows.

Why should you care about Greenup, Kentucky and Bikes and Kites? You can bring your character there for the new and exciting Wiki-based role play, Bikes, Kites and All Good Stuff. Bring your character. Bring your faith. Bring your dreams. Bring your desires.

What do you believe? Do you believe in ambition even when others say what you want is impossible. Do you believe in building a new life? Do you believe that faith is to be lived. Do you believe in romance, making, money.... It's up to you.

What do you desire? Is it going away to the finest universities? Is it starting a business and making a lucrative go of it? Is it having a family with the man or woman you love? Is it teaching others that it is possible to live their faith? Is it uplift, strength, and beauty, or is it something else.

Dreams are free. The variety of dreams is limitless and Greenup, Kentucky is the place for your dreams. Create your character and tell his or her story.

Currently, this role play features the adventures of five hard working high school students (nerds) who strive to prepare to enter the Ivies, Seven Sisters, and MIT; a rabbi who wants others to live their faith and who does not care if he is paid a red cent for preaching the word of HaShem, and a woman who has moved far from the city of her childhood to help run a business with the man she loves. You can add completely different stories. Romance, crime, drama, clique rivalry, and many other topics are all welcome. Even magic is welcome within strict limits.

And if you are looking for "something different" in a role play, Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff is about as different as a modern role play gets. It uses Wiki technology so you create whatever you and your characters need instead of finding a category on a top down designed board. It is written in first person so you get to see the world through your characters' eyes. Yes, you are allowed as many characters as you need too. If you think modern human role playing is for someone else, take a look at Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff and think again. If you are up for a challenge or if you have a character you just havent' been able to fit in elsewhere, then give Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff a try.

A note about magic: Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff has a modern and realistic setting. Magic is permitted in the form of stories within the main story, flashbacks, dream sequences, and also out in the hollows of the mountains or at religious services rather than in the day to day world of town. Also please keep in mind that Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff is set in contemporary Appalachia not Medieval Europe. Magic should fit the set and setting.

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