After along chase the group escape back to Zack Zindine flat where they can plan out what they can do next. Becky Miles starts to explain about Oasis Care and how she is sure they are doing clones. Keith Rainer takes interest however some of the others are unsure about all of this but cannot deny the fact that Frank Lawson and the rest of the guys were really trying to get Becky. After a long converstation Maria Hart quickly looks out the window and sits back down on the sofa. Scott Curtis then asks what is wrong she tells them something bad is coming.

With all the worry Zack think its best they get something to eat. So he goes down the chip shop along with Scott and Keith. Why the girls stay behind and chill out. As they leave off talk about Becky liking Scott starts to be spoken by Zack. Keith then talks about liking Maria and having another child with her. Scott finds Keith can be a little strange at times. As they get the chips and head back they stop to see a van which they are sure is the same van Oasis had earlier. Scott quickly jumps out and plans to head up the steps. However Keith grabs him saying they might be expecting them.

Scott and Keith climb on the roof to see if they can look in a window to see what is going on inside. Zack waits outside and is wait to be gave the word before he tries to get inside. Scott and Keith sneak across to see that the Frank Lawson and the others have restrained. Scott tells Keith to leave it however he goes mad and jump right down on the backdoor patio and kicks down the door. Scott follows behind him and they both run inside as they do Frank Lawson tells who he is and tell them this is his men Steve Oscar is one of them along with Lou Barton and Steven Hills All of a sudden Keith quickly makes a attack. Sending back them. Zack then joins in on the fight. Why Scott goes to untie the girls so they can escape. As they all stand up and Keith and Zack take a beating. They all look to see Barry Charles walking right into Zack house. Shouting hello has anyone missed me.

Zack throws his keys over to Maria and shouts at Scott and the girl to run quickly without another second they all jump out the back and Maria starts to drive off away from Plymouth.

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