Led Zeppelin, a quartet rock group, formed in England in 1968. They were considered one of the fathers of Heavy Metal. The members are as follows:

Formation/Early Years

Led Zeppelin formed when The Yardbirds, the band Page had formerely been playing in, broke up. Forming a new band, Page found Robert Plant when Terry Reid (Page's original choice for vocals) suggested Plant. Plant later brought in John Bonham for drums. Originally, Yardbirds bassist Chris Dreja held the same spot in Page's newly formed band, but left to persue photography. John Paul Jones, who had done session work with The Yardbirds, filled the spot. The new band was first known as The New Yardbirds, but took on the name Led Zeppelin after a newspaper predicted they would go down like a "lead zeppelin"


Studio Albums



Other/ Mixes

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