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== LEET ==

LEET™ is a new sport, media, and business concept. It is an activating and people-connecting entity which combines real-life sport with the best sides of television and Internet communities.

On you’ll discover more about LEET™ and the groundbreaking, multiplatform television format The Winning Team. Get to know The LEET™ Crew and their plan. Find out how they are going to make it happen. And most importantly, see what there is in LEET™ for YOU.

== The Sport ==

LEET™ is a highly strategic, fast-paced and physical team sport that has been developed by sports and television industry professionals at Spring Sports Ltd. It is a real sport, with real people, real competition, and real emotion and team-spirit. Never seen before, it is tailor-made to meet the needs of players, spectators, and the media.

A revolutionary sport, LEET™ can be played for fun in parks and in homes, or competitively in-front of millions of viewers in the custom-designed LEET™ arena. Anyone, from any walk of life, can take up the LEET™ challenge and, in doing so, become the world’s next sports superstar.

== TV-Format ==

LEET will initially be launched on the Internet and then presented to the world in the TV format “The Winning Team”. This will offer;

• A totally new & unique reality series • A combination of new, real-life sport (LEET) with the best sides of TV and Internet communities • An activating and positive phenomena • More merchandise possibilities you have ever dreamt of • The most rewarding prize in the history of TV: Personal growth. And $5,000,000.

Equal opportunity. Anyone can become a player. Any group of players can form a team. Any team can become The Winning Team.

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