The world of Veldime is mainly a polytheistic world, as the inhabitants generally worship one of many gods. These gods do, in fact, exist, and they reside in a world above Veldime known as Celestia. Each god rules over a specific topic or subject, e.g. nature, fire, water, thunder, etc. There are actually several types of gods; there is one Head God that rules over each of the other regular Gods, Somewhat Gods, who are powerful beings of near-deific potential, and Lesser Gods, who "rule" over a much less important aspect (such as the God of Skin That Develops on Gravy) - there are many of these nameless "gods", and they can easily be replaced if needs be. The gods are:

  • Zeus: The God of the Sky. He is generally stern and stoic, and watches over mortals (and his fellow gods) with a keen eye. Despite being clearly more powerful, he finds mortals to be an interesting bunch and frequently views their doing on Veldime. He is not above showing a little devine intervention, and tends to correct mortals by angrily hurling bolts of lightning at them. Of all the gods, it seems as though Zeus is the most "official". Indeed, when there is deific work to be done, it's generally Zeus who does it.
  • Marduk: The God of Wisdom. He has three faces, three eyes (the third of which is fixed upon his headdress) and four arms, and he uses these to gaze upon everything there is. He is quite benevolent, though he rarely speaks and generally tries to not get involved with others' affairs. He is said to know everything.
  • Odin: The God of Snow. He is a stoic god, but he is also somewhat naive and more easy-going than Zeus. He enjoys a good laugh, and rarely (if ever) chooses to get in the way of mortals. He only has one eye, the other of which is covered by an eyepatch, as it was accidentally pecked out by his raven familiar. He always carries a spear with him, which he uses to conjure up blizzards and snow.
  • Thor: The God of Earth and the patron god of dwarves. He is a rough, rowdy man, much like the dwarves that worship him. He frequently ends up drunk, and often gets into scraps with the other gods. He uses his mighty hammer to create earthquakes and craft land and mountains (hench why dwarves tend to live in mountainous areas).
  • Mana: The Godess of Nature and patron god of elves.
  • Ares: The God of War and patron god of the Warrior class. Ares appears as a man decked out in full gladiatorial armour. He is a very stern god and rarely (if ever) smiles. He tends to train hard, and has a variety of weapons at his disposal. It is said that the mightiest of warriors may gain his favour, granting them unbelievable power.
  • Biblios: The God of Magic and the patron god of the Wizard class.
  • Loki: The God of Trickery and patron god of the Thief class.
  • Ivaldi: The God of Light and (often) patron god of the Cleric class.
  • Zenon: The God of Darkness and patron god of the Warlock class.
  • Beowulf: The God of Beasts and patron god of the Beast Tamer class.
  • Symphony: The Godess of Music and patron godess of the Bard class.
  • Undine: The Godess of Water.
  • Efreet: The God of Fire.
  • Raiden: The God of Thunder.

Festivals and Holidays

  • New Year's Day - a celebration of the start of a new year. Takes place on the 31st of Dekcember.
  • Vamlumtime's Day - a holiday in honour of Vamlumtime, a cleric who was said to have been ridiculously romantic. Lovers sent each-other gifts on this romantic day. Takes place on the 14th of Februbarb.
  • Mana Day - a holiday in honour of Mana, Godess of Nature. People traditionally wear green, plants trees and get drunk. Naturally, the elves are not fond of the last part. Takes place on the 17th of Kvarch.
  • Avil Fool's Day - a day where people play pranks and tricks on each-other. A gnomic favourite, naturally. Takes place on the 1st of Avil.
  • Pumpkinween - a day in which people dress up in monstrous costumes and attempt to scare on-another. This fright-filled night is celebrated in honour of Jack o'Lantern, the fabled Pumpkin King. Takes place on the 31st of Oktember.
  • Thanksgiving -

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