1st Legion (LEGI I Partis) Headquarters-Ogeidsan

Commanding Officer Unknown

The first legion's organizational structure seems disorganized and chaotic. LEGI I never renumbered it's units true unit designator after the 1973 military reorganization.

Order of Battle (OOB)


2nd Cohort

 400th Infantry Brigade Auxiliary
 401st Light Infantry Brigade Auxiliary
   Unidentified Brigade
 403rd Engineering Brigade Auxiliary
     1st Medical Support Company

4th Mechanized Cohort

 100th Infantry Brigade
      10th  Armor Regiment
      20th  Rifle Regiment
        30th Medical Company
  101st  Engineering Brigade
     11th Combat Engineering Team (Regiment)
      21st Construction Regiment
         31st Facilities and Utilities Management Company
  102nd Signals and Intelligence Brigade
      12th Reconnaissance Regiment
       22nd Motorized Reconnaissance Company
       32nd Military Intelligence Company

6th Armored Calvary Cohort

     300th Armor Brigade
         3rd Armor Regiment
          9th Rifle Regiment
             15th Armor Support Company

302nd Armor Brigade

        15th Self Propelled Team (Regiment)
        17th Rifle Regiment
               1st Sniper Squad (??)
        19th  Logistical Armor Support Regiment

305th Armor Support Brigade

   22nd Armor Support Regiment
   Unidentified Regiment
   Unidentified Motorized Infantry Support Regiment
   Unidentified Company

8th Mixed Cohort

150th Artillery Brigade
     1st Artillery Regiment
          Battery A
          Battery B
          Unidentified Company

Unidentified Brigade

 Unidentified Airborne Regiment
  1st Heavy Glider Assault Regiment
     Unidentified Support Company

77th Mixed Infantry Brigade

 Unidentified Airborne Regiment
    2nd Psychological Operations Company

2nd Infantry Brigade

       Unidentified Mortar Company
  13th Engineering Regiment

Unidentified Brigade

10th Airborne Cohort

1st Glider Brigade
   50th Rifle Regiment
   51st Rifle Regiment
   52nd Rifle Regiment

2nd Airborne Brigade

 53rd Rifle Regiment 
    13th Reconnaissance Company 
     69th  Medical Company

90th Airmobile Infantry Brigade

 70th Airlift Team (Regiment)
    99th Psychological Operations Company
    10th Light Infantry Company
     3rd Engineering Company
        1st Desalinization Engineering Team (Company)

Unidentified Cohort

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