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This is a romance about a man named Xion Mainca from his conscription as soldier for Kingdom of Matala until he become an Emperor himself and die while holding the throne.

Here is the main article: plot

The main plot consist of 4 Story arc:

  • Pride of Black Horse
  • Heavel Fall
  • War of the Legion
  • Heart and Sword

The story is linear but full with foreshadowing, especially in the early parts and flashback of other characters. As the story goes, there will be a number of side story.

List of historical side story:

List of non-historical side story:


tema legion itu apa sih??? ini kan cerita panjang, jadi boleh lebih dari satu. terus engga urut, gua cuman ngasal nulis sih... silakan tambain ato kurangin terus perlu juga MAIN THEME, atau THESIS, ya itu kaya ide yang menyatukan semua temanya

love romance sex friendship slavery government economic war

Main Theme

waktu itu lu bilang apa?

  • semua orang itu egois

bole juga...

Social Setting

As most of the story takes place at Mata and Bohe, then I think it is appropriate to have an article that compare Mata and Bohe.


Main article: History_(legion)

gw pengen rebuilt sejarahnya, outlinenya begini:

Seven Horns

  1. dust on Dark water
  2. burned by a foreign Fire
  3. when the hot spirit tamed by the Soul
  4. the Flowers can bloom out of love
  5. then came a pitch black Storm
  6. but the Sun will always shine again
  7. until came the Undead and all shall perish

Seven King

  1. Archipelago[dust on water] ruled by the Karta[dark]
  2. then came the foreigner[foreign fire] to Almisi and brought the idea of war[burning]
  3. Mai[Soul] uses the innovation from foreigner[hot spirit] for good ends[tamed]
  4. Faroltur[Flowers] took the Mai ideology[love] and combined it with pragmatism[bloom]
  5. the dark age/lost history [pitch black storm]
  6. Matala[sun] rule the world[shine]
  7. Bohe[undead] invented the legion and then there will be the end of the world[all shall perish]


  • simple economic system
  • official currency, in the form of coins
  • tax
  • banks with loan contract present
  • lots of trade, by sea and by land

Government and Law

Governing bodies in the plot

  1. Kingdom of Mata
  2. Kingdom of Bohe
  3. City-state of Alexbad
  4. Chiefdom of Jaz

Governing bodies before the plot

Most of the city was a Chiefdom before conquered by the neighboring City-state or Kingdom

  1. City-state of Farahtur
  2. City-state of Faroltur
  3. City-state of Ispolis
  4. City-state of Espolis
  5. City-state of Ozgrad
  6. City-state of Sedi
  7. Chiefdom of Tosan
  8. Chiefdom of Zabrazgrad
  9. Chiefdom of Helios (Zinoaz)
  10. Kingdom of Mai / City-state of Tenna


Army hierarchy (legion)

Science and Technology

Arts and Culture

Philosophy and Ideology



This is the map:

petanya kurang detail...

jadi map legion itu lebarnya 1680*1680 km² = 24*24 hari perjalanan. (1.600km=1mil) diagonalnya .... walking speed = 5kmph (kilomeeter per hour) sehari jalan 14 jam, 8 jam tidur, 2 jam istirahat ato solat ato boker ato apa gitu lah sehari jalan = 14*5=70kmph (kilometer per hari) jadi 100 di co ordinat map = 70km = 70 000m jadi 1 unit di map = 700m, lumayan akurat lah yah testing peta midi ini sih bener2 test gma uploadernya.... pengen tau seberapa kuat neh makluk


ini lah hal2 yang perlu di taro di map

Body of water

  • landmass
  • sea
  • lake /salt
  • river / salt
  • bay
  • headland
  • (basin)
  • canal
  • waterfall
  • spring
  • wetland


  • desert
  • frozen desert
  • tundra
  • grassland
  • savannas
  • forest
  • rain forest
  • mangrove


  • mountain range
  • mountain / volcano
  • (beach)


  • fuel
    • coal mining
    • oil mining
    • logging
  • base metal mining
    • iron
    • lead
    • zinc
    • copper
    • tin campur copper jadi bronze loh
  • precious metal mining
    • gold
    • siver
    • nickel / false silver, dipake buat bodoin orang
  • gem stone mining
    • diamond
    • marble
    • granite
  • limestone mining / bisa jadi semen ama bata sekaligus
  • salt mining
  • potash mining / pupuk
  • slate mining / bahan bangunan
  • (fishing)
  • (Farming)
  • (ranching)
  • (hunting)
  • (domestication)
  • (plant and plant product gathering)
  • (metal and stones gathering)
    • meteorite
    • magnet


  • nation
  • capital
  • cities
  • villages
  • (border)



mungkin udah sadar yah tapi nama2 kota itu menunjukan daerahnya

City Nomeclature
Suffix Used at Examples
-la Midi Matala, Sednala, Mala, Mila, Tennala(rarely used)
-tur Farah and Farol Farahtur, Faroltur, Fatur, Torgaztur
-polis Akar Espolis, Ispolis, Itepolis, Torgizpolis
-bad Almisi and Tosan Alexbad, Kedabad
-grad Rylai and Zabraz Ozgrad, Mograd, Robograd, Igrad, Zabrazgrad
none Istandia An

-atu menunjukan daerah2 di utara

har- artinya bukit atau gunung

baru itu yang kepikir


There are a number races (there are also overlaps):

  • Westerners: Tosan Istandia Zinoaz Zabraz
    • north: di atas baba, dan sedna
    • south: di bawah baba dan sedna
  • Akar: Akre Akri and Tennah dan kota2 di utara laut torgaz
    • utara: tennah dan kota2 di utara laut torgaz
    • selatan: akre akri
  • Rylai: Rylai, lizt Akri timmu zabraz
    • core: rylai lizt
    • plasma: akri timmu zabraz
  • Misi: AlMisi, alatu sedi farah timmu tosan Igrad
    • core: Almisi (excluding timmu)
    • plasma: alatu sedi farah timmu tosan Igrad
  • Matahari: Midi Farah Farol Istandia utara (di utara baba)
    • barat: midi
    • timur: FArah FArol
  • Jaz: Jaz kota2 di sekitar selat bal, Espolis kota2 di sekitar teluk aki
    • core: jaz
    • plasma : kota2 di sekitar selat bal, Espolis kota2 di sekitar teluk aki


For legions, look at the Legion section.

Xion Mainca

. . .



Princess Crystal

Emperor Sulun

Emperor Bunsu


This is how the series get its name.

  1. Infantry
  2. Archer
  3. Giant
  4. Bomber
  5. Gargoyle
  6. Axe
  7. Razor
  8. Wraith

Some notable legions:

  • ADAM
  • Eve
  • Satan
  • Trimukti



Magic as according to people of Rylai (crystal)

Magic is wind and wind is magic. Our spirit is the wind in our body, that is why we breath, when we die, the wind stop blowing, the spirit disappear and so our breath. The wind can changes its form into fire, water, ice, the winds can moves things, the wind can call open the door to the other worlds, calling beasts. the wind can be captured into potion or objects or weapons and thus the power resides. The best way to command the wind is through singing and chanting. All of the wind is one thus all of us is also one. We are the wind and the wind lives in us. So the wind have a personality, have a character, and thus able to refuse to listen to us. when we died, our wind escape through our nose and mouth and joined with the Great Wind which is all around us.

Magic as according to people of Misi

Magic is power that resides in items like potion or wands or some weapon or some scroll or amulet. Thus life is not magical.These power that reside have personalities. Basically all inanimate objects has personalities, have this power of magic but some power are special like some people are more talented than the others. When you able to befriend these objects, then they will obey your will. Kaya madagou, everything is madagou.

Magic as according to the scientist (originated from Tennah) and spread through out Akar

Tennah, where people around the world meet, peole over here realize that there are different explenation of the same phenomenm. There is no magic, what is there is nature. And nature is like a machine. When you pressed the right button in the right sequences and you pull the right lever at the right time, the machine will work exactly the same way. The same input will always generate the same output. The big puzzle is to know which input will generate which output. The father of this way of thinking is Sain. This new movement flourished in Tenna and spread throughout Akar but nowhere further where cultural belive is still very strong.

Magic as according to the people of Matahari

There is this thing called spirit. and we are spirit inside. when we died our spirit wander around and when circumstances is about right we come into a woman's womb and then we are born again. the spirit choose the mother so ur parents is not a coincidence but it is your choice. There are a different number of spirits: human, animal, plant, pure, light and dark. plant spirit can only be born into plant, animal spirit can be born into animal but human spirit can be born into animal and human as according to the spirit's choice. pure spirit will always stays as spirit and never be born into anything. light spirit can be born into anything on their choice, more over it can manifested itself into objects or reside within objects and give those objects magical power. dark spirit when manifest them selves will form devil and able to posses into plant, animal and human and turn them into beasts.

Magic as according to people of the west: Tosan Istandia Zinoaz Zabraz

These people think that language bears power, both spoken and written. Because the nature is a mind that able to listen and read, we could chant a spell, write them down, create a magic circle and perform magic.


Idea box (legion)

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