• Lego Batman as Fry
  • Lego Princesss Leia as Leela
  • Lego C-3PO as Bender
  • Lego Marion Ravenwood as Amy
  • LegoRon Weasly as Hermes
  • Lego Alfred as Proffesor Farnsworth
  • Lego Admiral Acbar as Zoidberg
  • Lego Poison Ivy as Mom
  • Lego Harry Potter as Zapp Banigan
  • Lego Dolby the House Elf as Kiff
  • Lego Walter Doonovan as The RobotDevil
  • Lego Darth Vader as Lrr
  • Lego R2-D2 as Calculon
  • Lego Goblin as Morbo

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