Lego Island 4 is my idea to continue the Lego Island series. Lego Island 3 is a fan made continuation too. Go to the Lego Island 3 wiki to read about that. To check out Lego Island, Lego Island 2, and Lego Island Xtreme Stunts go to the Lego wiki.


One morning Pepper Roni wakes up in a dark jail cell. He finds that he has been captured by the Brickster. He digs a underground passage to escape. He finds his girlfriend Sky Lane in another jail cell. He grabs a key and unlocks the door to the cell. He throws down the key and grabs Sky Lane and then jumps on his skateboard and skates off. The Brickster realizes that Pepper and Sky have escaped and he goes after them. Pepper meets Nick Brick at the police station and tosses Sky Lane to him so she can be safe while he escapes from the Brickster. Pepper then meets Mama and Papa Brickolini at the space station who are working on building a rocket to launch into space to explode Ogel Island. Pepper offers to help and they set to work. When the rocket is finished, it launches off into space but then gets intercepted by the Brickster who reverses the direction so it crashes into Lego Island. Many are hurt.


The Brickster

Pepper Roni

Sky Lane

Mama Brickolini

Papa Brickolini

Nick Brick

Laura Brick

The Brickster-Bots of Ogel

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