Anakin Skywalker as Chase McCain

Obi-Wan Kenobi as Frank Honey

Shaak Ti as Mayor Gleeson

Padme as Natalia Kowalski

Mace Windu as Manion Dunby

Luminara Unduli as Ellie Phillips

Captain Panaka as Shaky Harry, Heywood

Royal Guard as DaMumbo, Old Prison Guard

Security Droid as Clown Robber

Ki-Adi Mundi as Duke Hunkleberry, Warden Stonewall

Gonk Droid as French Parrots

Darth Maul as Snakes Squealer

Kit Fisto as Geoge Fartarbensonbury, Clarence Fletcher

Rebel Troopers as Dave Something, Don

Jango Fett as Blue Whittaker, Eddie Jojo,

Battle Droids as Crimals

Count Dooku as Spikey Don

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