The Separtist, Sith Empire, and the Galatic Empire has return and become a full Empire.

Episode 1 - The mission on Naboo.

Story: After the death Luminara's Jedi Padawan, Barris and the clones. Luminara becomes more powerful than Anakin Skywaker or The Emperor that she can over throw them. Luminara's Master is Count Dooku's sith Apprentice, Asajj Ventress.Ventress sends Luminara to a mission to Naboo to pursuit Queen Amidala. Luminara and a Imperial pilot to kill every Mandalorians, Rodians and ARC Clone.

On the Trade Federation, Luminara arrives on a Naboo Starfighter.

Luminara: My master, Barris offee is dead.

Ventress: Good, There's 1 more mission.

Luminara: I'm ready now!

Ventress: No, You defeated your Padawan, I have a diffrent mission for you. you see a Imperial Shuttle Commander was sent to Mandalore to kill Rebel Officer, Crix Madine, but betryed the Empire to  create his troops Mandalorian. Kill him.

Luminara: I will my Master.

Imperial Pilot: Ready for Launch.

On Naboo,

(Luminara trys to kill the Mandalorian)

Luminara: Useless Bucket heads.


Emperor: Excute Order 66

ARC Clone: Yes, my lord. blast them.

Luminara: Rodians and Clones! Who's ready to die?

ARC Clone: You can't Win.

Luminara: Aparently Not. Useless Rodians.

(Luminara kills all the rodians and Clones)

Imperial Shuttle Commander: Who are you?

Luminara: I am Luminara Unduli... Your destroyer.

(And uses the force on the pilot)

Fallen Luminara: I am now more powerful than any jedi has ever dream of.


Me: Imperial Pilot/commander,

Mom: Luminara and Ventress

Aduio  voices from Episode 3: Emperor Palpatine and the clones.

Game: Jedi Academy

Episode 2: Ventress tells Palaptine

Story: After Luminara killed the commander on the swamp of naboo. Asajj Ventress goes to Hoth. Ventress gives his Apprentice, Luminara on a mission to Tatooine to kill Ventress' creation, Savage Opress.

Ventress: What is my biding, my master.

Palpatine: Well, Why did you take this jedi

Ventrss: Well...


On kashyyyk...

Ventress; this one is still breathing.

ventress: She's strong in the Force.

Meanwhile in the swamp...

Palpatine: Commander, Wipe them out...all of them

Gree: it will be done my lord.

Gree heads back to the landing platfom

Ventress kills gree

Ventress takes Unduli's body to Hoth Imperial Base.

Ventress: You were weak when I found you, Master Jedi. but now that's change.  Rise my apprentice.

Lumiara: What is my bidding my master?

Ventress: You must destroy what you done, when you were a jedi. kill savage opress.

Ventress: And that's how i found her.

Ep.3: The battle begins.

On Endor:

Yoda: The base isn't under attack yet, it looks like.

Saesee: We have to  regroup with the other just inchase

Han Solo: They got in! the sith has penetated the temple.

On Geonosis:

Lumiara: You will die.

Barriss; I will now fight me and finish me.

Ventress: Capture them.

Sandtrooper: Yes ma'am. freeze.

(Luminara Knocks down Barris)

SandTrooper: Blast them.

Luminara: You don't understand

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