Part 1

1. Governor Vizsla as Imperial Officer

2. Clone Recon Trooper as Stormtrooper

3. Anakin Skywalker as Darth Vader

4. Count Dooku as Imperial Major


Mandalorian Battle Pack

Music; Battle of Hoth

Part 2

1. Princess Leia (Hoth)

2. General Grevious as Vader

3. Super Battle Droids as Stormtroopers and Gunner 1

4. R7-D4 as C-3PO

5. Naboo Pilot as Gunner 2

6. Nute Gunray as Imperial Major

7. Battle Droid as Imperial Officer


Good Guy: Snowspeeder

Bad Guy: TIE Fighter

Music: Asteroid Field

Part 3

1. Maul as Vader

2. Grevious as Imperial Officer

3. Royal Guard as Stormtroopers

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