Episode 1

1. TIE Fighter Pilot

2. Clone Trooper (Order 66) with Blaster

3. AT-AT Driver with Blaster

4. Anakin Skywalker (Pilot)

5. Darth Vader with Red Lightsaber

6. Boba Fett with Blaster

7. Jedi Councalar with Double Bladed Green Lightsaber

8. Vader's Apprentice with a Lightsaber

9. Security Battle Droid

10. Emperor Palpatine (yellow Face) with Cane

11. Clone Pilot (Order 66)

12. Death Star Trooper

TIE: That movie was awesome.

Stormtrooper: That movie was awesome. Like I want to Die (of Laugher)

Stormtrooper walking arcoss

AT: Nothing can ruined this day.

Clone gets saber by Anakin.

LEGO Brick gets force by Anakin. Hitting one of the clones in line.

TIE gets chocked by the force

Clone: Oh man, I knew should have called in sick today. What the Heck?

AT: Oh, Whatever I say changes everything.

Clone starts fireing.

Anakin turns on his Lightsaber.

AT gets hurt by his blast.

Clone: Blast him.

Clones starts fireing.

Anakin deflects the clones blast

The Line gets knocked over by Anakin

Vader walks in.

Anakin frows his lightsaber at a clone.

Music: Anakin's Betrayled, Anakin's Dark Deeds, Battle of the heroes, Extended Imperial March

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