Leifang (レイファン, Reifan) is a college student and T'ai Chi Quan prodigy from the Dead or Alive series who made her debut in the first Dead or Alive. She is one of the first females to appear in the series, alongside Kasumi and Tina Armstrong.
LeiFang DOA5


Throughout the series, she seeks to fight Jann Lee, who is thought to have saved her life at one stage in her past, to prove herself to him that she too is a strong individual. However, Leifang had lost to Jann Lee in almost every tournament, but she managed to defeat him in the fourth one. By the events of Dead or Alive 5, LeiFang and Hitomi have become close friends, as well as martial arts rivals. Both being young, quirky, somewhat naïve, and baring cheerful personalities, they can be playful with each other one minute, such as during their visits to Zack Island, and then become engaged in a heated battle next over something as trivial as a cabbage.


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