Leland Turbo
Leland Turbo (6th June 1965-24th June 2011) was a British spy and minor character in Cars 2.

On 24th June 2011, Leland Turbo was in the Oil Rig when he was founded by Acer and Grem and then was compacted into a cube without surviving.


Built: 6th June 1965

Died: 24th June 2011 (aged 46)

Goal: To stop the lemons

Allies: Finn McMissile

Enemies: Professor Z, Acer, Grem

Fate: Gets compacted into a cube

Leland Turbo was built 6th June 1965 in Britain and later became a British spy.


On 24th June 2011, Leland Turbo visited the Oil Rig and recorded a video to British spy Finn McMissile, he stopped when he saw Acer and Grem's shadows entering the room, before Finn McMissile got there however, Leland Turbo had been murdered by Acer and Grem and compacted into a cube, all that remained was his paint and his grill.


  • Leland Turbo is the second Cars character to have a known death, first being Stanley but the third to have died after Stanley and Doc Hudson
  • He is the first character to be seen in Cars 2
  • He is the only Cars character who's corpse is seen after death.



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