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Demolisher Siege Tank
Models Pattern I to XII
Origin Phaeton
Weight 62 tonnes
Hull Length 7.08m
Hull Width 4.86m
Height 4.42m
Barrel Length N/A
Ground Clearance 0.45m
Armour 120-200mm
Maximum Speed 28 kph on road, 17 kph off-road
Crew 4 - driver, commander, gunner, loader; 2 sponson gunners (optional)
  • Demolisher Cannon
  • Hull-mounted lascannon or heavy bolter
  • 2 sponson-mounted heavy bolters, multi-meltas, plasma cannons or heavy flamers (optional)
Main Ammunition 25 rounds
Fording Depth 1.90m

The most common Leman Russ variant is the Demolisher Siege Tank, re-gunned to carry a large Demolisher cannon for close support and bunker-busting.

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