Leman Russ Vanquisher (Stygies VIII Pattern)
Models Pattern I to VI
Origin Stygies VIII
Weight 63 tonnes
Hull Length 7.08m
Hull Width 4.86m
Height 4.42m
Barrel Length N/A
Ground Clearance 0.45m
Armour 100-200mm
Maximum Speed 32 kph on road, 29 kph off-road
Crew 4 - commander, gunner, driver, loader; 2 sponson gunners (optional)
  • Vanquisher Battle Cannon
  • Hull-mounted lascannon or heavy bolter
  • 2 sponson-mounted heavy bolters or heavy flamers (optional)
Main Ammunition 28 rounds
Fording Depth 1.90m

The Leman Russ Vanquisher is a more sophisticated version of the basic battle tank. The Vanquisher is becomingly increasingly rare as the skills and technology required for the construction of the long Vanquisher battle cannon were lost when the Forge World of Tigrus was overrun and scoured by Ork Warlord Arrgard the Defiler in M35. Those Vanquishers that remain in service are carefully maintained and only granted to tank crews who have proven themselves in the heat of battle.

Since the loss of Tigrus, the Adeptus Mechanicus has made strenous efforts to reproduce surviving Vanquisher cannon on selected Forge Worlds, those renowned for devotion and favoured by the Machine God with the most skilled munition-adepts. By the will of the Machine God, these Forge Worlds have been granted some success. Although progress has been slow and fraught with difficulty, Gryphonne IV and Stygies VIII have both resurrected their own versions of the Vanquisher cannon. Other Forge Worlds still continue their own work and pray for similar success.

The Stygies VIII Vanquisher utilises a version of the Vanquisher cannon that, whilst lacking the immense length of the Gryphonne IV guns to generating shell velocity, utilises a slightly smaller calibre shell with no barrel rifling. Secret knowledge, jealously guarded by the Adeptus Mechanicus of Stygies VIII, is used for better gun stabilising and recoil dampening after each shot to counteract the worst effects of the weapon's violent kick. Crews report that the increased velocity from the smoothbore gun aids accuracy with the first shot, but due to increased barrel movement does not aid follow-up shots. The rulers of Gryphonne IV and Stygies VIII have never allowed comparative tests to take place. Such accurate data is the reserve of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Vanquisher has developed a fearsome reputation amongst the Imperial Guard tank regiments that are lucky enough to field them. The gun's high level of accuracy, long range and high first-hit kill ratio make it the anti-tank weapon of choice for most commanders. Many of the Imperium's foes have come to recognise the danger a Vanquisher represents, and any Vanquisher will become a priority target for enemy tank crews and heavy weapons.

Such is the power of the gun and the sophistication of the ammunition that there is no known armour a Vanquisher cannon cannot penetrate, even the thick armour of a Titan can be punctured.

Imperial Guard regiments equipped from Gryphonne IV or Stygies VIII are now starting to field small but increasing numbers of Vanquishers again.

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