Yay!! My Lemony Wiket Is Working!

Hello Web surfers and Snicket fans alike! This Mini Wiki is devoted to Lemony and all his readers, no matter how much he tells us to stop! Thanks for visiting, and feel free to speak your mind on the discussion page!

The Polls

NOTE: I don't really know how to set up an online poll. If you do, please tell me how on the disscussion page. For now, this will have to do.

What is your fave book in the series?

Book the 1st ♥

Book the 2nd

Book the 3rd

Book the 4th ♥

Book the 5th

Book the 6th ♥

Book the 7th

Book the 8th

Book the 9th

Book the 10th ☻

Book the 11th ♥ ♥

Book the 12th

Book the 13th ☺

Leave a ☺,☻,♥,♦,♣,♠, or | next to your pick!

The Codes

Got a LS code (or one of your own) that you wanna share? You've come to the right Mini Wiki! Post your top secret work here!

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