Lenan Miader

Lenan Miader was born on the planet of Chandrilla, but was kidnapped and taken from his birth parents but a group of Rodians. Taken to the planet Rodia at just age 1, Lenan was brought up among the warlike Rodians, as a member of the clan Rijaadic.

The Rijaadic clan were a particularly warlike clan, even amongst Rodian society. They had ruthlessly killed, slaughtered and assassinated their way into the Rodian high society, and were notoriously lethal in "settling grudges" as they saw it. Once, a Rodian who simply stole from the clan was assainated and delivered back to his own clan in small boxes.

The Rodians are the perfect hunters, brought up in a civilisation whose ethos is hunt or be hunted. For this reason, when Lenan was taken in by the Rijaadic clan, Lenan was taught the skills and tricks that all the good hunters were taught.

At age 18, Lenan became a full hunter, and his talent was quickly discovered when he single handed assassinated the head of the Orifgina clan, removing the chief-rodian's head and placing it for all in clan Rijaadic to see. As a result, the Orifgina clan was dissolved, as no one could be found to take the assassinated leader's place. It was an act that took great skill, courage and ingenuity. Even today, in Rodian society, it is spoken about as the only time a single person destroyed an entire clan.

However, because of this, Lenan found himself a forever marked man in Rodian society. One episode ended with Lenan getting his scar on the left side of his face. He remains forever shamed by that day, which was caused by a single moment of letting his concentration dwindle, and because of it, rather than let the bacta heal the scar, Lenan keeps it as a reminder of what happens when he lets his concentration slip.

The episode which caused his scar began when a Rodian from clan Rijaadic was killed by a Rodian named Tiimesk Lasoo. Lenan had been the one who had come across the dying Rodian, and having kept him company until he died, vowed to track Tiimesk and kill him.

Tiimesk had been a very troublesome Rodian for the Rijaadic clan. He had often been the purpetrator behind many a clan assassination, and Tiimesk had been thought to be behind the recent assassination of one of the clan's highest ranking hunters.

Having tracked him down to the south east of Rodia, Lenan sat in wait for Tiimesk. Having spent three hours in a small room, Lenan was finally rewarded when he spotted Tiimesk outside a small house. Lining up the sniper rifle, Lenan pulled the trigger, and Tiimesk slumped to the floor, dead.

From that moment on, Lenan became Rodia's most hunted man. Constantly under attack, Lenan quickly honed his combat skills to an unprecedented level in clan Rijaadic history, even slaying five assassins in a single fire fight. Yet, he not once got a moment of peace.

Eventually, even his own clan feared him, and one day Lenan was forced to kill three would be assassins from his own clan. With it now clear that - despite the utmost loyalty to his own clan, and how his actions single handedly put clan Rijaadic in a primary position - he was considered an enemy of the Rodian race. It was rare that the Rodians bound together to fight a menace to their people, but Lenan was quickly growing to be such a menace. Quickly packing his few belongings, Lenan stole one of the clan ships - a barloz class freighter which Lenan named the Grey Claw - and made for a new life on Coruscant.

Other information: Having arrived at Coruscant at the tender age of 22, Lenan spent a little time both reflecting and hiding from his time in Rodian society. Despite being off Rodia, he knew that Rodians never forgot a grudge. It was unlikely he would ever be forgotten.

That fact was brought painstakingly back, when in just five weeks of settling on Coruscant, Lenan was attacked by a group of twelve Rodian assassins. However, while Lenan was quickly over come, he was saved by one of his would-be assassins, a friend of his from clan Rijaadic - Veelo Diijac. Veelo told Lenan of the Rodian's initially visiting his true mother and father - and killing them, on Chandrilla, thinking he would have returned there. When they found his parents, but not him, they killed his parents, as an act of revenge.

With that, Lenan knew that he had to beat the Rodian's at their own game. The only way he would earn his own freedom from pursuit by the Rodian race was to gain a reputation as a fearsome Bounty Hunter, a reputation that would mean the Rodians would not dare touch him.

Setting out into the Galaxy at large, Lenan initially worked for Djorda the Hutt, one of the largest Crime Lords of the Hutt Empire. Initially dealing with some simple "dirty work", Lenan was soon passed on to Djorda's subsiduary, Kyatt the Hutt. Kyatt was in charge of some of the more discreet workings of the Hutt Empire, and Lenan, while working for Djorda, had caught the shadowy Hutt's eye.

It was during Kyatt's employ that Lenan's reputation began to grow. As an assassin, Lenan was particularly effective, but what Kyatt had found Lenan had a talent for was Bounty Hunting. Lenan seemed particularly efficient at finding, hunting and capturing live bountys. Not since the time of Captain Piett or Jango Fett - two ageing, but top quality Bounty Hunters - had the Hutts employed anyone with as high a success rate as the young Miader.

However, Lenan's career defining moment came when he captured the Earl of Gygoth IX, Trebor Dlallio. Trebor was a human of immesurable wealth in control of a planet in Hutt Space. However, Trebor had recently found the courage to defy the Hutt's authority, and had sanctioned the use of the military to repel Hutt invasions.

Lenan was sent in as a lone Hunter, to capture and bring the Earl to Justice. Having silently killed a member of the Gygoth IX military, Lenan had slipped in, undetected, and captured the Earl. In the subsequent firefight, Lenan set off a number of charges he had planted on the building's foundations, causing it to collapse. Lenan had escaped, unharmed, with the unconcious body of the Earl slumped over his shoulders, by using a zip line which he had fired from the Grey Dawn, into his target building. Not only had Lenan captured the Earl, but he had incapacitated a majority of the Gygoth IX defence garrison.

The infamy of Lenan grew immeasurably from that single capture, and Lenan soon found himself receiving offers of Bountys from across the galaxy. Knowing now he had established himself in the field, Lenan broke away from Kyatt the Hutt - although the Hutt often hired Lenan for single missions in the future.

A year later, the 23 year old Lenan Miader was sent to kill the Faction leader Jer Rahl. Rahl was a force user of immense power, who had broken away from the Sith forces, and founded a force known as the Legion, with intent to dominate the Galaxy. When arrived on Sullust, Lenan had found himself quickly captured - and offered work by the infamous Jer Rahl. The offer of work was an incredibly generous one - far higher a pay than what he was being offered to kill the man. Taking the offer of employ, Lenan did two or three small missions for the Faction leader, before he mysteriously disappeared.

Truth is, Lenan returned to Chandrilla, and laid low under the alias of Friar Benne, a member of the St Juan Order of Holy Monks. While under Rahl's employ, Lenan had discovered a plot by both the Sith - under Orbisis Ex Allan - and Jedi - under Jada Knun - to ally together, and wipe out the faction. Sure enough, the Faction was quickly annihilated, with later Faction leader Connor Xion destroying Sullust in an act of suicide, taking the remaining slender forces of the Faction with him.

With the death of the faction, Lenan Miader quietly returned, beginning to take on work once more as a freelance Bounty Hunter. It was during this time that Kyatt the Hutt began to blackmail the now infamous Bounty Hunter, utilising his strong sense of pride as a tool to make Lenan accept difficult tasks for the Hutt Empire. Initially, it worked. Lenan did the tasks as required, and proved again and again that he was one of the best in his trade. However, soon, the Hutt simply pushed too far, and Lenan killed the Hutt and his Gamorrean guards in an orgy of bloodshed and mayhem.

Free now of both Hutt and Faction oppression, Lenan worked independantly for a while, working occasionally for the shadowy Legion and even rarely for Orbisis Ex Allan's Sith Empire, the GNC. Each time, Lenan was successful, and each time, Lenan's price continued to increase, Lenan now having made a small fortune for himself.

Little over a year after the faction's destruction, Lenan was hired to assassinate a woman on Corellia, by the name of Mari Corde. Mari had been a dancing girl, who had refused the advances of local thug Anders Tellanny. Having tracked Mari down, Lenan found himself watching Mari, and growing increasingly in love with her. When the time come to confront, and kill the target, Lenan found he couldn't. Instead, the Bounty Hunter ensured Mari's future safety, by killing Anders Tellanny. Knowing that Lenan could never know love, he spent one, fulfilling night with her, before leaving her, knowing she would always be in danger if she were to become his lover.

While the Faction had been destroyed over three years ago, in it's place had risen the shadowy Legion. Vowing not to have anything to do with it, Lenan found work easy to come by working in it's wake. The Jedi - the usual guardians of peace and serenity - had their hands full defeating the Legion, and as such, work for hunters such as Lenan Miader continued to increase. However, the Legion - like the Faction - was doomed to failure. It was quickly fragmented, and returned to the obscurity it had come from. Or so Lenan had thought.

Lenan found himself, after the Legion's defeat in a lull of activity. With the Jedi around, Bounty Hunters found fewer and fewer jobs, and even though Lenan was now quite possibly the most infamous of all the Bounty Hunters, even he noticed a lull in jobs.

However, perhaps most notoriously, it was during this time that Lenan teamed up with fellow Bounty Hunters Rax Mordor, Dack Jensen and Aeron Vatris to capture the Vylan Six, a notorious group of Bank Robbers, by posing as a rival gang themselves. They operated on a secretive operation for the planet's senator. Together, they completed the mission, capturing the group, and stole an amount of money from the planet's top banks.

It was soon after this mission that Lenan found himself under attack by an Assassin Droid, sent after him by - he later discovered - the Rodians he had left almost ten years earlier. The droid, D-567, had plagued Lenan quite often, and had thus far failed to be stopped. Lenan finally stopped the droid's relentless pursuit, when he had tricked it into thinking he was escaping aboard the Grey Claw. The droid hacked into a local defense computer, and used the global defence batteries to shoot the ship from the sky, thinking Miader was on board.

However, Lenan was actually lurking just a few meters away, having sent his ship up by remote as a decoy. Lenan planted an ion charge on the droid's back, detonating it. The droid was immediatly shut down, and Lenan took it to be reprogrammed and used the droid - until recently - as the custodian and ship crew of his next vessel, a sleek Sorosuub Luxury Liner ST-120, named the Skyrunner.

Within that same year, Lenan was approached to undertake an investigative assignment, into the death of two citizens on Coruscant. The two victims turned out to be the parents of the Jedi Knight, Syan Kalvera, and Lenan undertook the alias of Jedi Master Jake Daniels in order to help his investigations. The line of investigation took the Hunter to a dark alleyway late one night, to find an injured, dying Syan. Unfortunatly, the real Jedi Master Jake Daniels had followed him into the alleyway, and immediatly assumed the hunter was responsible. Jedi Master Daniels would not believe Lenan's assertion of his innocence, despite his pleas otherwise, and was only prevented from attacking by Lenan threatening to kill a defenceless Syan.

Escaping into the night, Lenan eventually went into hiding for a while, only to receive a personal message of apology from the Jedi Master some days later. Lenan assumed Syan had recovered and regailed the correct tale - something Lenan was incredibly grateful of. Since that day, Lenan and Jake have held a grudging respect for each other, and in the times since, have crossed paths more than once.

It was during one such meeting that Jake offered Lenan some work. A Coynite Jedi Knight, by the name of Sygh, had been assigned to the protection of an ancient Jedi tome. However, the Jedi Master was almost sure that the shipment was to be attacked. Lenan was hired to add a bit of extra protection.

Sure enough, the shipment was attacked, by the Sith Knight Rynn D'shal. Rynn had stolen the tome initially, and Sygh had gotten it back. Now the Sith Knight wanted it back. Fortunately, the pair achieved in defending the book. The pair, having gotten quite close, were to meet again, and start a chain of events rolling that was almost to cause the end of civilisation as the Galaxy knew it.

Sygh, having been ensnared by the seductive powers of the Orb of Kamataki, had found himself resurrecting the deceased Sith Knight Rynn D'shal under the influences of the deadly Orb of Kamataki. Having been captured by the Sith Knight, Lenan Miader tracked Sygh to an ancient Church, buried deep underneath Coruscant's surfaces. Inside, the Sith Knight kept Sygh, chained up like a toy. Rescuing the Jedi Knight and stealing the Orb of Kamataki with the assistance of Rogue Jedi Master Zael Ti'Enru, Lenan escaped, with the deadly Orb of Kamataki in hand.

Sygh returned to the Jedi to warn them, and Lenan made it his task to keep the Orb of Kamataki away from the Sith Knight Rynn D'shal, who sought it's deadly destructive powers to further his own abilities. Unfortunatly, the Bounty Hunter and Jedi Master Ti'Enru could not keep the Orb away from Rynn, and eventually, Rynn, with the help of Bounty Hunter Dack Jensen, managed to steal the deadly Orb back from his hands.

Master Ti'Enru rushed back to the Jedi Council to warn them of Rynn's having captured the Orb, and Lenan continued to pursue the Sith Knight through the Galaxy, back to his home world of Chandrilla. When the Bounty Hunter arrived, he found around him a scene of pure devastation. Half of the population had been viciously slaughtered by Sith magicks of terrible power, and had been converted to mindless zombies. Sat among the devastation, Lenan knew he could not match this power. Rynn was now only to be stopped by Jedi or Sith hands. Knowing he could not match the sheer power that Rynn had at his disposal, Lenan did the only thing he could - assisted in the reconstruction of his homeworld, Chandrilla.

In the two years following, Lenan worked hard with the people of Chandrilla to return it to it's former glory. In fact, Lenan rarely rested. Growing quite the reputation as a hero among the chaos that emerged, Lenan was quickly asked to run for Senator - a request he very reluctantly accepted. Suprisingly, he won, by a landslide victory, and was sent to represent the Chandrillian people in the Republic Senate.

Hanging up his blasters, finally, Lenan made the almost unique transgression from Bounty Hunter to Senator. Currying a quick reputation as a no-nonsense Senator towing a tough line for his planet, Lenan emerged as a contender for the position of Supreme Chancellor with the vote of no confidence offered by Lenan upon seeing the Republic fall into a myrad of sloppy back stabbing and under handed politics and corruption.

Being elected into the office of Supreme Chancellor was one of the happiest days of Lenan's professional life. Since that day, Lenan has brought in an efficient new system for maintaining the Republic economy, as well as maintaining Republic line on the relationship between the Jedi and the Republic, and preparation for future conflicts against the GNC.

However, all of this very confusing phase was topped when one day, the Supreme Chancellor was visited by a young Bounty Hunter, named Akjan. The youngster had medium length light blond hair - but most tellingly striking Jade Green eyes. Immediatly, Lenan knew he was his son, the child from his relationship with Mari Corde. This was Akjan Corde, his child.

It took a long time for Lenan and Akjan to bond. However, Akjan often visited his father, for advice if nothing else. Lenan is immeasurably proud of his son - since their first meeting almost a year ago, Lenan has taught him alot. Alot about the Bounty Hunting industry, about politics and life in general.

His life almost complete, he needed only one more thing. A wife. Lenan wanted to find Mari, Akjan's mother, and marry her. But it was not to be. Mari had vanished quite recently, only a note to Akjan stating to find his father, remaining. Whether she was alive, or dead, no one knows.

Lenan, however, was keen to continue to lead a life of fulfillment. His career in politics was already a successful one, and he had a newly found son, who he wanted to give the very best to.

Yet, Lenan was not to get what he wants. As Supreme Chancellor, Lenan has found life difficult. In office at the time of the Jedi Exile, the Supreme Chancellor felt ultimately responsible for the lives lost. His guilt - formed by his reluctance to moved against the Jedi who he had had previous positive experiences with before - served him now to fuel his anger to find and bring the Jedi to justice.

So began the biggest witch hunt in Republic history; Lenan offered in his capacity as Supreme Chancelor 100,000 Republic Credits for the capture alive of a Jedi, and 25,000 Republic Credits for information leading to the capture of any Jedi. Lenan was keen to make amends for what he saw as his "mistake" - he would bring the Jedi to trial.

--LenanMiader 15:30, 10 March 2006 (UTC)

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