(The Clock Is Ticking, When The Clock Started To Bong, Turns Against Leni's Face)

Leni Loud: I... I was nice today. Nice to those insipid little monkeys, answering their stupid letters. My hands... DIRTY! THE DIRT WON'T COME OFF!

(Leni Loud Screams And Fainted, Meanwhile, Leni Is Staying Awake On Lincoln's Bed)

Leni Loud: President...What a joke. President...President of WHAT?!?

[Enviously looking over at Lincoln Loud]

Leni Loud: His fan club! How they love him! Look at him, lying there asleeep.

[Creeps over to Lincoln's side]

Leni Loud: The idol of millions. He's a fool! Blind, silly little fool. How easily I could end the farce... with these hands! These DIRTY hands!

(Leni Is Looking To His Hands On The Side)

Leni Loud: (Distorted Voice) And with these hands I hold the fate of millions! (Normal Voice) They think he's a god, but he's as mortal as we. I know!

[Visually drawing a dotted line along Lincoln's neck]

Leni Loud:! And it's over. Just one...

[Leni Loud Tries To Sneaking Slowly On Lincoln's Neck]

Leni Loud: Just...

[Leni Loud Brain Turning Red As Pain]

Leni Loud: AAAAAHHHH!!! It's happening again! MY BRAIN! (Distorted Voice) MY HOT... STINGING... BRAIN!!!!

[Leni Loud Shrieks In Horror And The Background Flashes With Fire]

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