Lenny is a charectar in Mikih And The Teenagers, Mikih And The Teenagers 2 Mikih And The Teenagers 3.

Mikih and The Teenagers (2012)

In Mikih and the Teenagers Louie learns to become a perfessional song-writer.

Mikih and the Teenagers 2 (2013)

In Mikih and the Teenagers 2 Louie is in paris and in the end he takes Mikih, and his teenage brothers and their friends home.

Mikih and the Teenagers 3 (2014)

Mikih and the Teenagers 3 Mikih and the Teenagers and the teengirls are in Hawaii.

Mikih 4 (2015)

In the 4th movie Lenny is in the alternative universe Lenny is in college and he's never met Mikih, Roc, Nasir and Layla, Rayah or Ciara. He is'nt shown throughout the full movie. He's only shown in the part where Mikih, Roc, Nasir, Layla, Rayah and Ciara return him to the real world leaving Chris behind.

By: Roc.

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