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Welcome to Lenspedia ! The wiki where anyone can post articles about lenses, what they do, uses in ordinary life,and uses in machines and inventions. Lenses are clear objects which focus some form of radiation, presumably light, onto another object. Lenses can be a wide kind of things. from plastic chips to drops of water on your body, you can find lenses in all kinds of places.Lenses are classified by there shape and how they re-direct light (or any other radiation) in what direction. The two major lens-types are convex, and concave. The more detailed list of lenses includes: biconvex, biconcave, planoconvex and planoconcane, convex-concave, and the meniscus lens.

Explaining the Two Major Lenses


Biconvex, or just convex, means bulging outward or curved outward. These lenses are made of two sides which bend light inward, towards the focal point of the lens. Some of the related lenses are the planoconvex lens and the convex-concave lens. The number of biconvex lenses you encounter during the every day is few, but the number of planoconvex, that is, one flat side and one bulged side, is quite common, especially in summer in the pool. The water droplets act like tiny lenses, focusing the suns harmful rays onto you, so wear some water-proof sun-block or your gonna get a sun-burn ! Another use of lenses we happen to fall to sometimes is the telescope. The telescope uses a convex lens to gather light rays from a large area and bend the rays together at the focal point of the lens . Through the use of an eyepiece , a collection of concave lenses (see below) spreads them out so you can see the rays.


A biconcave lenses is the direct opposite of a biconvex lenses. A biconcave lenses, or just concave, means Pressed inward. A concave lenses also directs light differently than a convex lenses. Instead of the light curving inward, the light turns outward. Take a microscope for example. The microscope uses a similar technique to that of the telescope . The light goes through the objective lenses which shrink the image by using a convex lens and limit the amount of light that passes through . Then the image is amplified by theeyepiece.


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