Leo is an elder, white lighter (angel),and he is dead. Leo is over 120yrs old and was at one time an avatar. Leo also married one of the charmed ones, Piper. Leo has two sons named Wyatt & Chris, the two babies are very powerful because of their powerful parents. The babies are so powerful, when their mum and aunts finally vanquish all the demons they can take over the magical world. Leo broke the rules of the elders by marrying Piper. Leo also was the charmed ones' white lighter. With his elder powers he could heal the charmed ones if they were hurt.

Leo knew Penny Halliwell (the charmed ones' gram) and Patty Halliwell (the charmed ones' mother) before they died.

Leo's powers are, Orbing (that means he can be in Australia and then be in Fiji in just 2 seconds), shooting lightning bolts to kill demons, and healing people. But he can't heal demons (not that he would want to anyway).

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