Position: Defensive Midfield

Shirt Number: 35

Place of Birth: Vancouver (Canada)

Date of Birth: 4th December 1979 (Age: 27)


1996/1998 - Toronto FC (Canada)

1999/2002 - LA Galaxy (USA)

2003/2007 - Scorpio FC

Leo's not being made fun of any more because some stupid fan called him Lee Wet-Aki because he'd accidentally spilled some drink on his crotch, which made it look like he'd urinated in his underpants. He has scored some cheecky goals, including one where he had it and Eduardo was behind him, so Leo back heeled it to Eduardo, and he ran around a defender, the goalkeeper was on the side that Eduardo was on, so Eduardo crossed it in, the goalie thought Leo was gonna head it, then jumped up, and landed awkwardly, and Leo chested it down and tried a power-drive into the bottom right corner! Goalio!!!

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