Opening Credits

[music plays]


Audio Descriptions

[Narrator] Outside a house, a boy and girl are reading a book. As the girl flips the page, it sends them to a dimension on a rollercoaster. On the coaster, a lion, an indian girl, seven dwarfs, and a princess get on the coaster. Screen fades to many images like a boy swinging on a vine with a bear and a panther in the background, Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming, Prince Phillip kissing Sleeping Beauty, and the mad hatter with the march hare. Screen goes to a tunnel: "Children's Classic" and it zooms past us.

King of the Jungle

[music plays]


[Chorus] The great big jungle someone's got to rule, the animals picked Leo so he's no fool

Audio Descriptions

[Narrator] Screen fades to sunrise. A lion appears behind it. It roars at us and then jumps. A subtitle appears. GoodTimes Entertainment presents. Leo the Lion. A subtitle appears: "King of the Jungle". The lion walks past behind an aardvark. The aardvark starts to notice the incoming lion. Another subtitle appears. Written by George Bloom. Scene cuts to a herd of antelope. The herd of antelopes run away from the lion. Cut to scene where Leo is walking past two elephants and three crocodiles. Scene fades to a scene with a chameleon. The chameleon tries to eat it, but misses and turns white and then tries to eat the insect again and again. Scene walks past Leo stepping over a hyena, and it walks in a nervous attitude. Cut to black.

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