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Leon Kennedy (RE2)

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Leon S. Kennedy (RE2)

Male Human Fast Hero 4 Medium humanoid (human); HD 4d8 + 8; hp 32 ; Mas 14; Init +8; Spd 40 ft.; Defense 21 (+4 Dex, +5 class, +2 light undercover shirt); BAB +3; Grap +5; H&K VP70 +7 (2d6, 20x2) Desert Eagle +7 (2d8, 20x2) MAC Ingram +7 (2d6, 20x2) Knife +5 (1d4+2, 19-20/x2) AL Good, RPD; SV Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +2; AP 8; Rep +1; Str 14, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 15.

Occupation: Law Enforcement (Diplomacy, Knowledge: Tactics) Bonus Feat: Armor Proficiency (light)

Skills: Diplomacy +7, Drive +7, Investigate +3, Knowledge (civics) +4, Knowledge (streetwise) +5, Knowledge (tactics) +7, Listen +4, Spot +3, Tumble +7

Feats: Advanced Firearms Proficiency, Armor Proficiency (light), Improved Initiative, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Point Blank Shot, Quick Reload, Simple Weapons Proficiency


Fast: Increased Speed, Improved Increased Speed

Possessions: Light Undercover Shirt, H&K VP70, 4 magazines 9mm, Desert Eagle, 3 magazines .50 AE, MAC Ingram, 1 magazine 9mm, knife

  • As stated by Azar of Faerun

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