'Leonard' was a short lived character in "Pearls", where he briefly moved in with Rat and Pig when they didn't have enough rent money. Leonard works at Kiddieland as Tatulli, The Self Esteem Building Bear. But instead of helping kids build their self esteem, he gets punched in the #*%$ by them. Leonard never takes his bear suit off, except for his floppy bear head hanging in the back. Because of this, when Pig first met him, Pig thought he was being devoured by a real bear. Leonard's only known relative is his Ex-Wife, who, like Leonard, works at Kiddieland and also dresses up like a bear. He would often talk about his ex to Rat, but she was never shown (A la Maris, Nile Crane's wife/ex-wife in "Frasier".) However, she was seen in a flashback of Leonard's where they where shown at Kiddieland fighting. But since they where at work, they where completely in their bear costumes, thus we don't know what Leonard's ex really looks like. It should also be noted that Leonard never appeared in a sunday strip, only the dailys. Pastis stopped using him, because he was a "Failed Experiment" and he was ruining the contrast between Rat and Pig. Also, Pastis didn't like the way he looked. So, on Jan. 21, 2005, Pastis had Leonard drowned in the toilet.

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