• Leonardo as Thomas
  • Donatello as Edward
  • Vernon Fenwick as Henry
  • Casey Jones as Gordon
  • Raphael as James
  • Michaelangelo as Percy
  • Splinter as Toby
  • Zach as Duck
  • Zak as Donald
  • Dask as Douglas
  • Rasputin the Mad Frog as Oliver
  • add more please


Season 1

  • Leonardo and Casey Jones/Leonardo Gets Tricked
  • Donatello and Casey Jones/Donatello Helps Out
  • The Sad Story of Vernon Fenwick/Come Out, Vernon Fenwick
  • Donatello, Casey Jones and Vernon Fenwick/Vernon Fenwick to the Rescue
  • Leonardo's Flickies/A Big Day for Leonardo
  • Leonardo and the Pizzas/Trouble for Leonardo
  • Raphael and the Flickies/Raphael Learns a Lesson
  • Pizzas/Foolish Pizzas
  • Leonardo and the Portman/Leonardo and the Captain
  • Leonardo goes Fishing
  • Animals and Truntables
  • Trouble in the House
  • Michaelangelo Runs Away
  • Medicine/Vernon Fenwick's Special Medicine

More Coming Soon

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