Ordo Dracul
Known Vampires.Common Knowledge

Leroy Jacob Hatfeild, A hulking monster of a man, whose face was wrinkled, scarred and just plain tired, and thats just his baby pictures.


People who know him are aware he participated in the McCoy-Hatfield Feud which was one of the most deadly feuds in American history. He's only seen when making "nicey nicey" with the court. Even the Family note that he is difficult to find as of late. Every once and a while he tacks up an updated list of where he moved the sewer traps and where new passages and tunnels are.


Joel Kershner The Coordinator of the Coterie of the Crimson Shadow, a kind of one man band for making sure we can have game all the time.

His previous characters predate the current chronical and include Lord Nevin Albert Stegwin of Stegwin a Malkovian Invictus known for effectiveness, Near infinite supply of British Marines and British propriety. Also of note he played a Gangrel by the name of Joseph Jackson, a spy for the CoC who was often confused with Col. Sanders.

Favorite Quote:

   Greg- I cant afford that I'm in poverty.
   JK - But aren't we all in poverty at some level..
   Greg - Thats a little too deep and insightful.
 - Conversation on IM Between Greg and Joel.

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