Leroy Ruff
Leroy Ruff
First appearanceThe Doggies
Last appearance?
Created byBrett Barnett based on Leroy the dog
NameLeroy Ruff
AffiliationThe Ruffs, The power of three, Meowsie Elementary.
  • The doggie power.
  • power over air
FamilyTheo Ruff, Penny Ruff
Doggie StoneThe air stone

Leroy Ruff

Leroy Ruff is the youngest Ruff. She has the power of air and although it took her a long time to master it, she learned hwo to use it well. She can do many things with her power, such as moving objects without touching them. She loves Dingo and she is a little rascal sho is always pullign pranks. She is also rather a cry baby and ofter has many tantrums. The only person she has never had an argument with is her teddy bear, Pooky.

Leroy's History

Pre Birth

Leroy was causing trouble even before she was born! A week before she was born, she first decided she hates Theo. Theo was listening at Lady's stomach, trying to hear something and Leroy kicked from the inside.

Pre Witched

Leroy was still atrouble causer and she still had tantrums and pranks except she didn't act upon them as bad, since she had no powers to use as punishment on people.

01: The doggies

Leroy's life got put in danger and her powers haven't fully developed yet! whatever will she do? She had a hard time at first, trying to come to terms with her powers, and hers was the only one that actually changed her [1].

02: Tin Thing

Leroy has come into her powers nicely and she's getting used to being a witch.

Leroy's Powers


  • Leroy can [2]
  • Leroy can turn her entire body into Air, causing her to be invisible and able to walk through things, like a ghost
  • Leroy can move things without touching them.
    • Leroy does not use her mind liek with telekinesis.
    • She uses wind to blow the objects around.
  • Leroy can breathe in airless environments
  • Leroy can produce wind and air.


  • Leroy can slightly manipulate time
  • Leroy can cast P3 spells.
  • Leroy can see the future slightly.


When leroy received her powers, whe also received the power to fly and this caused her to grow wings. He wingspan is longer than she is, and he wings are huge. She can fly very high, even to space since she can breathe out there.

Leroy's Inventory



Dingo is Leroy's favourite drink. it is slightly alcoholic and that's one reason she loves it!

Dingo Ice

Dingo Ice was the second drink to be released from The Dingo company. It is the same as dingo, except it sends a chill down your spine.

Dingo Extreme

Dingo Extreme was the third to be released and it is the same again except it boils your blood. But not literally.


Three is Leroy's favourite TV show!

Leroy's Haunts


Fudge Factory Food Fantastic is Leroy's place to hang out. It is a bar and a restaurant plus it has some video games and more!

Meowsie Elementary

Meowsie Elemenatry is where Leroy is forced to hang out because she has to go to school, apparantly.

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