Let's Give Kitty A Bath is a Kids' WB crossover film made by Pikachufreak.


  • This 1997 remake has Furrball (from Tiny Toon Adventures) trying to hide from Mel Blake (from Hoop-a-Joop) and Penny Crygor (from WarioWare) when they both try to give him a good bath. With mayhem ensuing, Furrball seeks help from Butch (from Tom and Jerry Tales) who agrees to stop the insanity. Butch's plan works as Mel and Penny get sent into the tub and are both soaked. Furrball is delighted when Shareena Wickett (from Detention) comes back and Mel and Penny have learned their lesson.


From Tiny Toon Adventures

  1. Furrball (Frank Welker)

From Tom and Jerry Tales

  1. Butch (Jeff Bennett)

From Hoop-a-Joop

  1. Mel Blake (Stephanie Morgenstern)

From WarioWare

  1. Penny Crygor (Kelly Sheridan)

From Detention

  1. Shareena Wickett (Tara Strong)


  • This home video is from Warner Home Video.
  • Mel and Penny play the roles of the two children.
  • Shareena Wickett and Furrball are owner and pet.
  • This is the video where time lapse is used. It shows Mel and Penny painting the box purple.
  • Butch debuts.


  • (The film opens with the Tiny Toon Adventures theme playing)
  • Chorus: We're tiny, we're toony We're all a little looney And in this cartoony We're invading your TV We're comic dispensers We crack up all the censors On Tiny Toon Adventures Get a dose of comedy So here's Acme Acres It's a whole wide world apart Our home sweet home, it stands alone A cartoon work of art The scripts were rejected Expect the unexpected On Tiny Toon Adventures it's about to start They're furry, they're funny They're Babs and Buster Bunny Montana Max has money Elmyra is a pain Here's Hamton and Plucky Dizzy Devil's yucky Furrball's unlucky and Go-Go is insane At Acme Looniversity We earn our toon degree The teaching staff's Been getting laughs since 1933 We're tiny, we're toony We're all a little looney It's Tiny Toon Adventures Come and join the fun. And now our song is done!
  • (The film then finds Furrball sleeping on a bench)
  • (As he sleeps, Mel can be seen playing with her guitar and Penny is doing a flamenco dance)
  • Scooby: Ah, it feels good.
  • Shaggy: Like, i'm giving you a bath, pal.
  • (Mel and Penny race from the fence and see Shaggy giving Scooby a nice bath)
  • Mel: You know what we're going to do?
  • Penny: Let's bring a pool and fill it up with water.
  • (They both walk off to find the pool)
  • (Furrball awakes from his rest and sees Mel and Penny filling the pool up with water)
  • (He then sees Penny pouring bubble soap on the pool)
  • (The pool is complete and Mel and Penny are ready to start)
  • Mel: Oh, Furrball.
  • (Furball freaks out and dashes into the house)
  • (Mel and Penny follow after him)
  • (inside the house, a Scooby-Doo styled chase ensues around an endless hallway)
  • (After the chase, Furrball gets outside and pants wearily)
  • (Unaware to him, Mel is at the top of the tree, holding a fishing rod with a mouse toy in it)
  • (Penny is holding a catching net)
  • (Unfortunately, Furrball takes the mouse toy of Mel's Rod and rushes off)
  • Mel: Hey! That's our plan.
  • Penny: Maybe we can go to another idea.
  • (Later, Mel places the opened crate into a field)
  • (Penny arrives at the house and takes an opened box of cereal back outside)
  • (The two seek their plans until..)
  • (Furrball returns and sees the stick)
  • (He takes it and escapes in no time)
  • Mel: Shoot! We've failed it.
  • Penny: Now what are we going to do?
  • (The scene then cuts to a workshop)
  • (Inside, a time lapse scene of Mel and Penny is shown)
  • (They have sped up to 3600 and have activated motion blur)
  • (While they paint the box purple, the Barber of Seville Overture music plays)
  • (After completing the box, they go inside and emerge out of the workshop)
  • (Furrball can now be seen on a tree)
  • (He watches Mel and Penny get closer to him)
  • (However, their plan fails when the box tears itself apart)
  • Mel and Penny: Aw man!
  • (Furrball laughs upon seeing the box)
  • (Mel and Penny are later seen digging a hole)
  • (They have finished at last and they split up)
  • (Penny goes into the kitchen and puts on yellow rubber gloves)
  • (Mel on the other hand is taking a wagon full of straw to a hole)
  • (She fills it up in one pour)
  • (Penny, still wearing her rubber gloves, is carrying a giant fish food into the hole)
  • (She places it on the hole and then takes off her rubber gloves)
  • (Furball jumps off the branch and finds the fish)
  • (He picks it up, but falls into a hole)
  • Mel and Penny: Gotcha!
  • (Later, Mel and Penny are taking Furrball to the pool)
  • Mel: We've found you because you were lost all along.
  • Penny: We're ready for a bath.
  • (Furrball blows a whistle and Butch arrives)
  • Butch: I'm coming, Furrball!
  • (Butch charges toward Mel and Penny, as Furrball escapes in no time)
  • (They land onto the pool with a loud splash)
  • Butch: I saved your life, Furrball.
  • (Furball sighs in relief)
  • (Shareena Wickett returns from the dance contest)
  • Shareena: I'm back.
  • (Furrball is delighted to see her and rushes over to her)
  • Shareena: (giving Furrball a hug) I'm so glad to see you, Furrball.
  • Furrball: Meow.
  • (Mel and Penny emerge from the pool, upset)
  • Mel: It's not fair!
  • Penny: We want Furrball to take a bath!
  • (They both burst into tears)
  • Shareena: Too bad you're the ones who are grounded.
  • (Furrball blows a raspberry, then looks at the viewers and winks at them as the film concludes)
  • (The end credits are then set against a black background)
  • (While they roll, the Scooby-Doo and The Ghoul School end theme plays)
  • (After the credits, the It's A Laugh Productions logo and the Hanna Barbera All-Stars Action logo both appear)

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