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Let's Go to the Cabin with the Rugrats

VHS/DVD Released

  • June 3, 2000

VHS Blue Tape

  • Number: 69
  • Printdate: July 4, 2000

Rated G

  • 84 Minutes


  • The Grown-Ups and Kids Watches the Movie "Let's Go to the Cabin with the Rugrats" and It Was Used on Lyrick Studios, Nickalodeon, Klasky Csupo, Nelvana Limited, & Treehouse Entertaiment Company and This Was a Good Movie and The Kids are Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Susie, Timmy, Terry, Teddy, Ty & Dil and Thier Pet Spike Goes to the Cabin and Thier Grown-Ups are Didi, Stu, Lou, Drew, Howard, Betty, Charrlote, Chas, Timmy's Mother and Angelica's Cat named "Fluffy" and The Grown-Ups, Kids, & Pets are In the Morning Had a Great Say Untill They Go on Vacation Today Just in Fourty-Four Minutes to Go in a While They Had Breakfast Every Sunny Morning Before They All Known It Was That Tommy was Talking to His Friends and as Spike and Fluffy Came Inside and They Are Ready To go to the Cabin in Many Moments,



  • 1. FBI Warning
  • 2. Lyrick Studios Logo
  • 3. The Little Bear Movie Trailer
  • 4. Barney & Friends Videos Promo
  • 5. Barney's Great Adventure Trailer
  • 6. Pucca Funny Love VHS and DVDs Promo
  • 7. Gerber Graduates Commercial
  • 8. Please Stay Tuned Following This Presentation Logo
  • 9. Feature Presentation (2000) Logo
  • 10. Formant Screen
  • 11. THX Logo
  • 12. Lyrick Studios Logo
  • 13. Nickalodeon Logo
  • 14. Klasky Csupo Logo
  • 15. Start


  • 1. Nelvana Limited (1996) Logo
  • 2. TreeHouse A Corus Entertaiment Company Logo
  • 3. Let's Go to the Cabin with Rugrats (DVD-Rom Game) Commercial
  • 4. Rugrats Toys Commercial
  • 5. Music Video "Always There" Kenny Loggins and Betty Joel
  • 6. Let's Go to the Cabin with the Rugrats Soundtrack Promo


Play Movie

  • Widescreen
  • Full Screen

Scene Selections

  • 1. Watch a Movie at Tommy's House
  • 2. Opening Credits / "Beautiful In the Sun"
  • 3. Fresh Air with Babies
  • 4. Susie Carmichel and the Mcnultys
  • 5. Backyard Guest
  • 6. Dil's Diaper Change
  • 7. Hungry Meal in the Car
  • 8. The Mountain Cabin
  • 9. Kitchen' Playing Messy Disaster
  • 10. Playground Cabin Clubhouse
  • 11. Scam Artists
  • 12. Tommy's Cupcakes, Cookies & Bread
  • 13. Tommy's Dream
  • 14. Snowy Surprise
  • 15. Timmy to the Rescue
  • 16. Hot Chocolate for Tommy
  • 17. Spike VS. The Potty
  • 18. Ice Cream and Milk for Tommy and Susie
  • 19. "The Power With the Night"
  • 20. Clubhouse Fun
  • 21. Kiddnapped!
  • 22. Stuck into this Jail
  • 23. Jailbreak!
  • 24. Fighting the Animals
  • 25. The Animals Goes Into Animal Control
  • 26. Going to the Cabin / End Credits

Special Features

  • Games & Activites
  • Music Video "Always There"
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Treaser Trailer
  • Making of Featturette
  • Storyboard to Scene Comparison
  • DVD-Rom Game: Coloring Sheets

Language Selections

  • Spoken Languages: English, French, & Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, & None
  • Resume Film

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