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This is a site listing internet resources for independent musicians.

Places to Upload Music

It's part of the premise of this site that making your music widely available for free on things like file-sharing sites will only help you. Here's some places where you can do that. Don't worry: you can still sell your music, and people will buy it.




These services will help you create and sell merch.

e-junkie -- Shopping cart for selling downloads and tangible goods on your website.


cdbaby -- CD distribution center


Donations? -- On the internet, lots of stuff costs nothing. But people will also pay you for nothing. Here's how to set up a donation service for your fans.


Eventful -- Allows fans to make "demands" for you to play in their town, so that you can book a show next without the dreaded empty house.


Sonicbids -- Online press kit service with free and pro options.


These days, fans expect to be able to show their fandom for you by making stuff from your stuff. Here's some things that'll help you let them do that. It will cement their fandom.

Creative Commons - Allows you to license your work so that others can use it without going through lawyers. Makes your music ripe for the plucking

Myxertones -- Site that allows people to upload .mp3s and make ringtones from them.

Internet Savvy Musicians

On this page you'll find independent or quasi-independent musicians who are challenging the old record label model by doing interesting things on their own involving the internet.

Komuso Tokugawa - Bringing the Boogie to the Bitstream!


Here you'll find some helpful tech links about things like digital file formats, RSS feeds, and open source blog software.

Learn more

Articles, books, blog posts and more on the topic of how to be a new-model independent musician in the Internet Age.

1000 True Fans

Better than Free - Argues that since on the internet, what can be copied is so super-abundant that it's worthless, what then becomes valuable are the things that can't be copied. "Like trust," writes the author.

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