A level refers to the standardized grouping involved in the Temple of the Heavens' moderation staff. There are five levels, each corresponding to a level of responsibility and accountability to the Temple.

Level One: Member

Staff: No
Number: Infinite
At this level, there is zero responsibility to the Temple. You may make posts and may read any board that registered members have access to.

Level Two: Servitor

Staff: Yes
Number: Three
Color: Lylie Orange (ffaa00)
These are members who are responsible for maintenance of the Temple and the Worldcage. The three possible positions are for Graphics and Media, webSite Maintenance, and Article Maintenance.

Servitors have access to the resource banks as well as the Worldcage account and to skin modification on the Temple.

Current Members:

Past Members

Level Three: Adjudicator

Staff: Yes
Number: Seven
Color: Adjude Red (aa0000)
The Adjudicators use preventative means to control the content in a thread. They recieve two boards each to monitor, and are responsible for ensuring post counts in those boards.

Adjudicators are allowed to bump, sticky, and lock threads and polls. They also deliver private and public warnings.

Current Members:

Past Members:

Level Four: Temple Gatekeeper

Staff: Yes
Number: Three
Color: Gatekeeper Green (00aa00)
This is the first rank of Executive Staff. A Gatekeeper is designed to use reactive measures to control content.

Current Members:

Past Members:

Level Five: Guardian-Curator

Staff: Yes
Number: One
Color: eunhathes Blue (00aaff)
This man is the head honcho. What he says, goes.

The Guardian-Curator has final Executive Say in all decisions. He is also the only Level permitted to assign Levels to other members. Here is a log of all Level Assignments.

Current Member:

Past Memebers:

  • None

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