In Wikiquest, a certain level is achieved when the user has made enough edits and been a member of WikiQuest long enough. Moving up in the levels helps in the process of becoming an administrator or bureaucrat. In addition, members of WikiQuest tend to show more respect toward those of higher levels.

Here is a list of the levels and the requirements for each level. Both requirements have to be achieved before the user obtains that level:

  • Burba--200 edits and one month's membership
  • Novato--1000 edits and three month's membership
  • Grognard--2000 edits and six month's membership
  • Most Excellent Grognard--4000 edits and a year's membership
  • Grognard Extraordinary--6000 edits and a year and a half's membership
  • Tutnum--8000 edits and two year's membership
  • Grand Tutnum--12,000 edits and two and a half year's membership
  • Splendid and Majestic Tutnum--16,000 edits and three year's membership
  • Lord High Tutnum--20,000 edits and three and a half year's membership
  • Grand and Glorious Tutnum of Wikipedia--24,000 edits and four year's membership
  • Complete and Perfect Tutnum of WIkipedia--40,000 edits and five year's membership

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