Level Assignment Log

Date Member Rank Notes
09Apr 2005 eunhathes Guardian-Curator Founding of the Temple
DDMmm 2005 Atreides Conscript Temple Gatekeeper Creative Projects, HoS
DDMmm 2005 artemi Adjudicator
DDMmm 2005 artemi Temple Gatekeeper Entertainment, HoW
DDMmm 2005 Azreal Adjudicator
DDMmm 2005 shinateku Adjudicator
DDMmm 2005 shinateku Servitor webSite Maintenance
16Aug 2005 Azreal Adjudicator Dismissal
22Aug 2005 Dyne Temple Gatekeeper Roleplaying, HoP
23Aug 2005 l4m8r053 Adjudicator AOS, DP
24Aug 2005 lylie Adjudicator ToB, PoM
20Oct 2005 Dyne Temple Gatekeeper Dismissal
18Jan 2006 celest Adjudicator JotW, SoS
18Jan 2006 Clown Master Servitor Image Maintenance
18Jan 2006 gryphonpoet Adjudicator HP, CF
18Jan 2006 l4m8r053 Adjudicator DP, PEiS
18Jan 2006 l4m8r053 Adjudicator Changed to Keraz D'ul
18Jan 2006 shinateku Adjudicator DP
20Mar 2006 Keraz D'ul Adjudicator Dismissal
20Mar 2006 Clown Master Servitor Dismissal
20Mar 2006 shinateku Adjudicator Dismissal
20Aug 2006 lylie Servitor Image Maintenance
20Aug 2006 gryphonpoet Temple Gatekeeper Roleplaying, HoW
19Mar 2007 kensai Adjudicator GoSI, TDP

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