Lewiscules is a new spoof and a Coming Soon spoof for John Horton Productions.

Cast in Order

Muses-Kimberly Hart(Calliope), Olette(KH2)(Cilo), Sandy Cheeks(Melpomene), China Parks(Terpsichore), Eep Crood(Thalia).

Pridelanders, Ozians, Remy and his Family, ETC-Gods up on Mt.Olympus.

Baby Tarzan-Baby Hercules


Flynn Rider-Zeus

Mike Wasoszki-Hermes

Nemo(Finding Nemo)-Young Pegasus


Pain-Randall Boggs


The 3 Fates-Marina Del Ray, Elsa the Snow Queen, and Lady Tremaine.

Jean Valjean-Amphityron


Margaret(Regular Show)-Penelope the Donkey

Young Hercules-Young Tarzan


Shining Armor(MLP Friendship is Magic)-Pegasus(Adult)

Ash Ketchum-Phil the Hero Trainer

Three Nymphs-Misty, Lilo, and Alex Russo.

Achilies(Mentioned)-Yamato Tribe Knight Burai

The Argo(Mentioned)-Aka Red(Super Sentai)

Jason(Mentioned in Olympus)-Yamato Tribe Prince Geki

Cleopatra(Mentioned)-Rita Replusia


Perseus(Mentioned)-Takeru Shiba

Thesues(Mentioned)-Ryo of the Heavenly Fire Star

Hercules-Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)

Megara-Melody(The Little Mermaid II)


People in Thebes-Various Heroes

Chariot Rider-Cameron Parks(Ant Farm)

Sundial Seller-Xigbar

End of the World Man-Runt of the Litter(2005)

Heavyset Woman-Sabrina Spellman(Animated/Secret Life/Secrets of a Teenage Witch)

Burnt Man-Superboy(Young Justice)

Snowball-Gary the Snail

Tall Thebian-Trip(Power Rangers Time Force)

Earthquake Lady-Cosette(Les Miserables 2012)

Eldery Thebian-Carl Fredricksen(Up)

Hydra-Hista(The Legend of Tarzan)

Meg's Ex Boyfriend-Ferb Fletcher


Rock Titan-Juggernaut(X-Men)

Ice Titan-Brain Freezer(Johnny Test)

Fire Titan-Bowser(Mario)

Tornado Titan-Yondu the Accuser(MCU)


Ares God of War-Tommy Oliver

Apollo God of the Sun-Daggeron

Aphrodiate Goddess of Love-Wonder Woman

Cerbeus-Carface, Vincent(Over the Hedge), and Hulk(Marvel)

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