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Jafar-Scar(THe Lion King)


Iago- Elmer J Fudd

Cave of Wonders-Itself

Razoul- Obi Wan Kenobi

Razou's Guards- Riku, Gantu, Bulkhead, Optimus, Ironhide, Perry The Platypus, ETC

Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)-Aladdin


Three Dancing Girls- Jane(Return To Neverland), Shanti, Eilowny

Lady with A Broom- Mrs. Puff

Fat Lady-Pearl(Spongebob)

Two Kids with no Food- Penny(Rescuers), Cody(Rescuers Down Under)

Two Guys watching Achmed- Arnold and Gerald

Prince Achemd- Peter Pan

Sultan-King Triton

Jasmine- Melody(The Little Mermaid 2)

Rajah-Simba(Adult)(The Lion King, Lion King 1 1/2, Simba's Pride Other Lion King Footage)

Guy with Silver- Lumiere

Guy with Balls- Phineas

Shop Seller with Neckelaces- Kenai

Fish Seller- MermaidMan

Man with the Fire- Bert(Sesame Street)

Little Boy-Mowgli

Apple Peddler- Mortimer Mouse

Old Man Jafar- King Triton

Genie- Spongebob Extras: Squidward, Patrick, Hoagie(KND), Stitch, Ash Ketchum

Dog Genie- Bolt

Schwargenzer Genie- Kronk

Ice Cube Genie-Scrat in Ice

Puppet Genie- Clopin Puppet

Genie Duplicates- Millions of Spongebobs

Elephant Abu- Tantor

Prince Ali- Lewis (Prince Lewli)

Rodney Genie- Simmons

Jack Nicholson Genie- Michael Jackson

Teacher Genie- Phil (Hercules

Prince Ali animals, Servants, Peacocks, Bakers, Fakers,ETC-Random Characters

Giant Genie- DOR-15

Snake Jafar- Deker

Genie Jafar- The Lich(Adventure Time)

NOTE: I'm Calling Lewis Prince Lewli

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