A Leyron

The Leyron are a race of three-eyed humanoids native to the planet Corvok, the Leyron have tan skin. Their eyes are set out away from their heads on thick stalks, and they have large ears. Their eyes are adapted for seeing into the visible spectrum as well as the infrared spectrum. They evolved from a herbivorous species, and have two ruminant stomachs to digest their food. The females have three breasts, which they use to suckle their young. In general, Leyron are peaceful and hospitable, and no conflicts have been noted in their 10,000 year history. They are strongly attached to their families and their race in general; all Leyron mate for life, with the survivor usually dying of a broken heart shortly after its mate's death. Their infrared sight allows the Leyron to detect their companion's emotional state. 1'000 years before the Fen Domar Wars, the Leyron began traveling through space and establishing colonies. This separation created gaps in the civilization on Corvok, and the leaders were forced to prevent more Leyrons from leaving as well as to prevent any form of immigration. This isolationism cut off the Gran colonies from their homeworld, and allowed the colonies to act independently. In the case of the Leyron Protectorate of Kelron, it also removed them from the established social norms of Corvok.

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