• Li'l Abner Yokum as Sonic
  • Daisy Mae as Cream
  • Marryin' Sam as Dr. Eggman
  • General Bullmoose as Big the Cat
  • Appassionata von Climax as Amy Rose
  • Stupefyin' Jones as Cosmo
  • Mammy Yokum as Rogue
  • Pappy Yokum as Chris
  • Earthquake McGoon as Metal Knuckles
  • Evil Eye Fleagle as Metal Sonic
  • Romeo Scragg as Tails
  • Available Jones as Knuckles
  • Senator Jack S. Phogbound as Shadow
  • Moonbeam McSwine as Blaze
  • Mayor Dawgmeat as Silver
  • Lonesome Polecat as Lucas
  • and more

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