Starcraft is a series of science fiction real time strategy Video games created by Blizzard Entertinment and distributed into South Korea. The game pits the player as one of three races (Zerg, Human or Kimchimonster) in an eternal war, set on a distant planet. The original game garnered a huge amount of fans in South Korea, a country most famous for playing Starcraft, even before it was invented. It has widespread support from many liberal politicans (who are liberals), but only one Republican supporter. (God).


Plot Of Starcraft

There are aliens.

Plot Of Starcraft 2: Liberals In Spaaaaace!

There are aliens that speak Korean.

Starcraft 3: This Time It's Palin-sonal

This is information about an upcoming game

There are aliens that speak Korean and love burning the American flag.

Liberal Bias in Starcraft

Just like Wikipedia, The Obama administration and a hell of a lot of intelligent people, the developers of Starcraft (who are mostly gross butch lesbians) are liberal government sockpuppets. Global Warming, the benefits of Heavy Metal, and liberal approaches to the uses of Kitchens are frequently highlighted during gameplay. Below are just some of the issues of the game;

1. In the famed Zerg Prince Pops A Boner scene, a guard standing behind Prince Xxyzixa can clearly be seen attempting to reduce the Xerg carbon footprint by installing low-energy lightbulbs. Rumours that Al Gore is the voice-actor for the guard have yet to be proven, but they are true.

2. Some characters, when selected, will say What do you want?. When played backwards with Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here in the background, this sounds a lot like A jihad on literally everyone who is white and American.

3. Koreans like it.

Korea And Starcraft

Despite claiming to be a democratic nation (Like America), South Korea's populace is predominantly Korean, like North Korea. It has been speculated this is no coincidence - the reason for Starcraft's amazing popularity in South Korea is because the government is training their people for a land attack on North Korea. But they are probably actually going to attack America. Meanwhile, Obama is just spending our money on crap.

Shockingly, South Korea has stated in recent talks with that dog Obama that we have no desire to teach inferior Americans the subtle art of Starcrafting. A real president would have just killed them and then taken their oil like a man, but that idiot seems to want to use logic, reason and multicultural awareness. (Not sure what these are? Check things we don't understand and thus are against).

Jang Jun-Hwan Wins 2009 American Starcraft Tournament

Since 2007, an annual Starcraft tournament, called Craftament, has been held in Arizona, the most patriotic state in America after Florida and possibly Texas. Despite being an American tournament, designed for good American players (and possibly Europeans, but nothing to the east of Germany) the tournament was won by Korean pro-gamer Jang Jun-Hwan. When asked how he felt about the win, Jun-Hwan stated he believe God had combined with Super Jesus and a level 42 Zerg Tank to create the spirit of video games to help him. He is also a homosexual. (Read: Is the 2009 Starcraft tournament outcome part of the liberal homosexual hidden agenda? Spoiler: It is)

Is Starcraft Safe For My Children?

There are a variety of issues one must consider before purchasing a copy of the electronic internet game Stars Craft

1. If you play this game, you will become a homosexual. This might not bother you, but remember none of the founding fathers were gay.

2. Video games have been linked using good Christian science to violence and atheism. If your children play Starcraft for more than 20 minutes a year, they will develop habits such as thinking for themselves, voting democrat, and ending Western civilization.

3. 'Zerg', when said backwards, summons the demon Bahamut, which can only be controlled if you are over level 30 and are equipping at least the second or third gunblade.

4. Sarah Palin called the game another great example of a fantastic opportunity ruined by liberal thinking. She stated the game had huge potential in it's original form, as a Kart Racer, but liberal insistance to put it on the moon and make it an RTS left us with something not even a hockey mom could love.

Remember, Starcraft caused 9/11 and also powers thousands of oil spills all over the world so only play it if you are fine with being a traitor to your people.


Haha yeah right.

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