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A summon with powerful holy magic. Libreyt is very hard to find when not summoned, for it spends most of it's days swimming though the glassy ethereal lake that separates the material world from the dream plane. There it is said that it escorts the souls of the dead to their rightfull place in the world. Whether it be to move on to their next cycle, or to atone for their evils until such a time as they can do so. Libreyt is a large bird, one of the larger summons of Eifel, nearly reaching the size of Synnafae. It's appearance is like a sawn with multi colored wings. The majority of it's feathers though are white, with an irridescant shine to them as though they are made of opals. It's bill, and feet, are black, and a black line runs from it's bill, to it's eyes, which are bright gold. On the material plane, Libreyt maintains it's swimming movement, moving through the air as though it were still on the surface of the water, and even causing small ripples to emanate from the air around it's body as it moves.

When summoned, Libreyt has few but powerful attacks, one being the Judgement spell, which it can unleash with terrible force, another being ripples of pure magical energy which pound enemies like fists. One trait that separates Libreyt from all other summons though, is that it can use any curative magics, and so can heal the summoners allies while it is in combat. When it is dismissed, Libreyt swims up towards the sky. fading back into the space between the planes as it does so.

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