Licker Medium size T-virus Mutation
HD: 4d8+12 (HP: 30)
Initiative: +4
Speed: 40ft., climb 30ft.
Defense: 14 (+4 Dex) DR: 4/-
Attacks: Tongue Slap +8(ranged), 2 claws +7(melee)
Damage: Tongue Slap 1d6+4, 2 claws 1d4+2
Face/Reach: 10ft. by 10ft. / 5ft. to 15ft.
Special Attacks: Piercing Tongue
Special Qualities: Infectious, Improved Grab, Infravision, Mucous Coating
Saves: Fort+2 Ref+9 Will+3
Abilities: Str 19 Dex 19 Con – Int 4 Wis 12 Cha 3
Feats: Lighting Reflex, Weapon Focus (Tongue), Dodge
CR: 5

Tongue Slap: The Licker’s primary weapon is its tongue slap, which it uses ever 1d6 rounds. The tongue has a Hardness of 5 and 2 HP. The Licker may make grapple attempts, trip attacks and a particularly smart Licker might even attempt to disarm its opponents. It is not afraid of resorting to its Piercing Tongue ability either.

Piercing Tongue: Whenever an opponent within reach of a Licker is denied his Dexterity to AC; the Licker may attempt to impale the creature with its tongue dealing 4d8 damage. This attack does not allow for a save since the opponent is caught off guard.

  • NOTE: Damage Reduction from armor and natural armor still reduces this damage.

Mucous Coating: The Licker is coated in a slimy mucous membrane that makes it invisible to infrascanning, and heat detection.

Special: Anyone who sees a Licker for the first time must make a Fear save vs. a DC 18(10+Cha score+CR) or become panicked (-2 morale penalty on save throws and attack rolls).

Special Weakness: The exposed brain on its forehead, if ever dealt damage, causes a -1 penalty on all attacks and Reflex saves. Damage to this area is double that of the rest of the Licker's anatomy.

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