Lifted is an animated series that is the spin-off of the anime series, Life. The cartoon aired in January 28, 2002 (Theatrical of Atlantis: The Lost Empire) premiering as a brand new series.

The show features characters and elements from the series of shorts, "Freak City". The anime won 1.8 million views for the premiere episode but despite popular feedback, the show was canceled after 4 episodes because the creator abandoned the project for a new show.


In a fictional Asian-esque town called Retro City, a dangerous organization known as The Spiders have struck upon Earth after rebirthing an evil emperor named Kao Chao who lost his ability to speak human language and gained animal language instead using it to take over the world. A young boy named Kai who is the son of the legendary warrior, PantherEye, has been chosen to become the protector of Retro City but after PantherEye's surprisingly death from a blast, his body pieces turn into 30 Demon Pearls, legendary items that can grant any wish, and have been scattered around the world. With the help of some friends, Kai must find all of the Dragon Pearls to summon the great dragon ShaoChai to stop Kao Chao's terror.


  • Kai Yakamori: A 10-year old boy who is the son of PantherEye, a legendary warrior. Kai has inherited his father's special skill of the vision to see beyond the horizon. He has a happy-go-lucky nature but gets serious most of the time. He is the protector of Retro City. He is voiced by Jaden Smith.
  • Jonas: Coms to Vasership A young receiver who has been gifted by a deceased wizard called The Giver to be able to see three-dimensional color, natural feelings and memories of the decades. Jonas is Kai's advisor since he worked for his father. He will be voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.
  • Yoh: A teenager shaman who wears a traditional East Indian attire a Green Alien speaks in Sanskrit. He makes magnificent potions and loves creating spells. His dialogue, in Sanskrit, are mostly based on African rhytms and ancient slave songs. He is voiced by Greg Cipes.
  • Zoboomafoo: An energetic Coquerel's Sifafa lemur who inhales from the island of Madagascar but has shipped into a utopia called Animal Junction. He has the ability to speak human language by eating any lemur-appropriate food (garbanzo beans) while spinning (yelling "ZOBOOOMAFOOO!!!). His catchphrase is Mangatsika. He also spended time in a mystical world called Zobooland with his friends; Hanage (Snow Lemur), Bongo (Slimantha) and Coco (Noggendrill). Gord Robertson voices him.
  • The Kratt Brothers: Two animal documentarers from the future who are friends with Zoboo but got seperated due to the Spiders and the Tarantula People. They are voiced by themselves.
  • Kao Chao: An emperor who lost his ability to speak human language due to an arrow shooting on his head. He got kicked out of his castle due to miscommunication, but realizes that he can speak animal language and decided to use that to contact the animals to defeat the humans. Stephan Hawking provides the voice for the vocally-challenged villain.
  • Alien Green is a Herword is Moumputer is Beaserger
  • Green Alien (PLAY!) In Crescrband is (HOUSE GROWL!) Yuma, Scream.

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